Cello Parts

This category includes a variety of pegs, bridges, tailpieces and endpins for cello.



Endpin Holders (rockstops)

Rockstops keep a cello endpin from sliding, as well as providing protection for floors.


Rosin is applied to bow hair to improve the contact, help the bow to  "grab" the string and produce the sound.  Some rosins are hard, some softer, stickier, others have additives to produce specific effects. 

Wolf Suppressor

Dealing with wolf notes is largely a process of trial and error.  We offer suppressors in a variety of styles, shapes, weights and sizes.


Some mutes are used to change tonal color, effect,  or reduce sound in passages labeled  "con sordino."  Practice mutes are larger, heavier and designed for practice with minimal sound.

Cello Accessories

Cello stands and cradles, humidifiers and  miscellaneous cello-specific items.  Explore!


Equipment is a category of items that are not cello-or cellist- specific. Chairs, wedge cushions, music stands, lights, metronomes, tuners and more.

Gifts & Whimsy

Items from our signature Celloflowers collection and occasional surprises