Andrea A Piacere

Formerly known as Tartini "GREEN," which, according to the maker,  provides the effortless bow control with even sound production.

Size:  1/2 cake (mini)

  • Price $22.99

Andrea Orchestra

Andrea rosin is available in two formulas: Solo - powerful, yet sensitive sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and extra clear bow articulation. Orchestra - Designed to provide a more blended sound for ensemble playing, without sacrificing clarity or articulation.  Full-size cakes.


  • Price $32.99


Gustave Bernardel rosin is known for its purity.  Its qualities in term of sound emission give Bernardel rosin, its reputation of excellence.  Helps get clear and precise attack of the string with control of the sound.  Suitable for all weather.  Stores in soft blue pouch.

  • Price 11.00

Andrea Solo Mini Rosin

Andrea Solo rosin in a 1/2 cake mini size.  (Not available in Orchestra mini size.)  Price for full-size cake is $32.99

  • Price $21.99



Brilliant cherry red. A soft quality rosin for cello.

  • Price $13.50

Pirastro Cello


Brilliant cherry red. A slightly harder rosin for cello.

  • Price $10.75

Pirastro Gold


Orange in color, it is softer than Goldflex and better suited for use with gut strings.

  • Price $11.75



Gold colors. A slightly harder rosin mixed with gold dust; for general use.

  • Price $14.00


Hill rosin, made in England, choose Light if you want a harder rosin, or Dark for a softer rosin with more grip.  Hill dark is a popular choice here.

  • Price $11.00


Jade L'Opera colophane (France)  is a soft rosin with dust-free adhesion.  It is opaque green and comes in a clear plastic case.

  • Price $11.00


Kolstein Ultra rosin is available in Normal or a stickier Medium grade.  Indefinite shelf life exists for the cello rosin. This is created by a continual wetting action which causes non-crystallization and allows for easy application to the bow and minimum powdering on strings and instruments while playing.

  • Price $12.00


Larsen Rosin from Denmark, low dust.  

  • Price $19.75

Liebenzeller Larica Tin

Tin (Zinn) metal additive is available in hardness III and IV for cello. Tin rosin gives a fuller and more radiant sound than meteoric. Recommended for solo playing.

  • Price $30.00

Liebenzeller Larica Meteoreisen

Meteoric iron rosin is strong, metallic and direct in tone.  It is powerful and penetrating, yet warm. Available in hardness III and IV for cello.

  • Price $30.00

Liebenzeller Larica Copper

Liebenzeller Copper is available in hardness III  for cello, and is supposed to make playing easier for the beginner according to the maker.

  • Price $30.00

Liebenzeller Larica Gold

Gold metal additive is available in hardness III and IV for cello, and is the most versatile of the metals. Tone is full and warm, with clarity.  IV (softer, grippier) may be preferred for solo playing.

  • Price $30.00


Melos rosin comes in Dark and Light formulas .  The maker recommends Dark for colder weather and for full-tone orchestral playing; Light for warmer weather and chamber music.

  • Price $16.95

Melos Sticky

Melos Sticky is softer and “bites” the strings; it's stronger than Melos dark rosin

  • Price $16.95

Gustave Bernardel

Bernardel rosin (France) in blue pouch

  • Price $10


Millant-Deroux rosin from France (Clear plastic container with red lid)

  • Price $10


Salchow rosin, blue soft cover with elastic closure.  Very popular choice.

  • Price $14.00


Thomastik cello rosin

  • Price $14.00



Brilliant cherry red. A soft quality rosin for cello.

  • Price 14.00