Our inventory is always changing, but generally includes new carbon fiber (composite) bows as well as new and previously-owned pernambuco bows.  As with cellos, "used" bows are not less expensive than new if their quality is superior. 

M. Francisco

Silver special French style bow, pernambuco with horn frog, Parisian eye, sterling silver, 82.4g (Brazil)

  • Price 1800.00


Raven model has a carbon fiber core. Solid black graphite-fiber shaft cannot warp or lose camber. Weight ~ 80g.   Our entry level bow.

  • Price $200.00


Pernambuco stick, octagonal, nickel mount, half-lined ebony frog, stamped W. Dorfler

  • Price 300.00

Coda Prodigy

Coda Prodigy's graphite stick with blended kevlar core has a metal alloy tip plate and an engineered Xebony frog. Available in 4/4 and 3/4 size.  5-year limited warranty.

  • Price $374.00

Coda Diamond NX

CodaBow's Diamond NX nickel mount bow comes with a 10-year warranty. 

  • Price $468.00


Round pernambuco stick, Nickel mount, half lined, ebony frog, faux whale bone wrap, stamped R. Almeida (Brazil)

  • Price 560.00


Round pernambuco stick, Nickel mount, half lined, ebony frog, stamped Fornaciari Junior (Brazil)

  • Price 580.00

Coda Diamond SX

Diamond SX combines a graphite diamond-weave stick with a kevlar acoustic core.  10-year warranty. 

  • Price $645


Round pernambuco stick, Nickel mount, full lined, ebony frog, Parisian eye, stamped Andre Werlong (Brazil)

  • Price 700.00

L'Archet Nickel

The best nickel-mount pernambuco bows at this level are appointed with snakewood frogs

  • Price 800.00

Marco Raposo

Pernambuco stick, round, nickel mount, double leather on wrap, 81.6 g

  • Price 600.00


Pernambuco round stick, silver wire wrapping, ebony frog with Parisian eye, 84.2 grams, stamped Luan Ruy (Brazil)

  • Price 900.00

D. Chagas

Pernambuco stick, round, nickel mount, also available with faux whale bone wrap (Arcos Brasil)

  • Price 720.00

E. Guasti

Octagonal pernambuco stick, silver mount, ebony frog, stamped E. Guasti (Brazil)

  • Price $900.00

Coda Diamond GX

Coda GX gold is top of the line in their Diamond series and comes with a lifetime warranty.  Weight range is usually ~80-82 grams

  • Price $965.00

Elias Guasti

Round pernambuco stick, silver mount, ebony frog with mother of pearl eye, 81.6 grams, stamped Elias Guasti (Brazil)

  • Price 1200.00

Coda Joule

JOULE was originally developed for electric instruments but performs well with traditional acoustic cellos.  Weight usually 80-82g

  • Price $750.00

Arcus M4

Model M4, round carbon fiber stick, titanium slide, snakewood frog with pearl eye,  weight 72g.  One of the heaviest Arcus bows.

  • Price 1300.00

Arcus M5

Model M5 carbon fiber, round stick, snakewood frog, sterling silver mount. One of the heavier model Arcus. Weight 74g

  • Price 1900.00

C. Chagas

Special Edition silver mount, C. Chagas, Arcos Brasil

  • Price 1760.00

Sebastian Dirr

Master bow, silver mount, Sartory model, 82g

  • Price 2200.00

Damir Horvat

Round pernambuco stick, ebony frog, silver wire wrap, 76 grams, hand-made by Damir Horvat (USA)

  • Price 2100.00


Pernambuco stick, silver mount, ebony frog with Parisian eye, stamped E. Bodach-Turner (USA)

  • Price 2600.00


Round pernambuco stick, ivory tip, silver winding, ebony frog mounted in nickel, Parisian eye, 81.7 grams.  Stamped Grunke above the frog, and "PR" on bottom facet

  • Price $3,500


Round pernambuco stick, very strong, ivory frog, weight 90 grams, stamped Lloyd Liu

  • Price $4,250.00


Pernambuco stick, octagonal, stamped NDC, believed to be made by Noel David Crowder. Ivory tip, silver winding, ebony frog mounted in silver, Parisian eye. Weight 84 grams

  • Price $4,500.00

Sigfried Finkel

Octagonal stick, engraved silver with tortoise shell frog, 88g

  • Price $4,500.00