This section includes cases/covers for cellos and bows.  Measure your cello, set your budget, and let us explain the factors that should contribute to your final decision. 

Bam Performance Bag

Bam's Performance Bag weighs 6 pounds and offers superior protection in a padded bag.  Water-resistant exterior has special zipper protection.  Shoulder straps are non-slip and comfortable.  Large music pocket on back, gig pocket on front, 2-bow compartment, and cell phone pocket on side.   Soft, dense, thermal lining with leather bridge zone protection.  In stock: Caramel, Peacock  Other colors: Black, Red

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  • Price $258.00

Bobelock Soft Bag 4/4

Bobelock padded cello bag has a nylon cover to resist water, and the foam padding protects the cello from everyday bumps.   There's a music pocket on the back, accessory pocket and padded bow compartment on the front, and comfy adjustable backpack straps.  When your cello is in the bag, the safest orientation is on its side, with bridge side towards a wall to prevent it from tipping in that direction.  When carrying it through doorways, if it's not on your back, keep it in an upright position so you don't accidentally whack the scroll/neck.  A little common sense goes a long way.  Available colors:  Blue, Black, Green, Burgundy.  Occasionally we have purple or experimental colors.

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  • Price $135.00

Bow Case (2 bows) Pedi

Pedi tubular bow case holds two cello bows (or viola/violin), has space in the lid for rosin, zips closed.  The adjustable shoulder carry strap can be tightened flat to the exterior.  Rigid, well padded, with luggage tag attached, it's a reliable way to travel or fly with your bows.  Brown leather with black trim, or Black leather with brown trim.

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  • Price $100.00

Bam Classic

Bam's CLASSIC is their most economical cello case.  It  has a strong single-layer ABS shell which is very resistant to shocks.   Injected foam suspension cushions support the strongest structural parts of the cello: the neck block and bottom block.   There is some flexibility in the case when standing open, but the rigidity and protection when the case is closed and latched is what matters most.   The Classic should fit cellos up to 36cm upper bouts and 46cm lower bouts, body length 84cm, total length 131 cm but sometimes contours of a cello and case may not conform.   This case features 8 latches which provide a weather-tight seal. Handles are rubber coated. The interior features a music pocket, string pocket, neck strap and scroll loop with clasp, 2 velcro bow holders.  Includes 2 padded non-slip shoulder straps.  2-year limited warranty  SILVER, BLACK, POPPY   11.6 pounds

Classic with wheels add, $35 to price listed.  This model has an additional pull handle mounted on the back of the scroll compartment.  Weight 12 lbs.

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  • Price $670.00

Bam Shamrock

Bam's Shamrock is the least expensive of the HighTech series, and one of the lightest cases available with wheels.    All cases have a black textured back with a colored smooth lid, a single side handle.  The shell is triple-ply ABS with a foam core offering outstanding protection at 8 pounds.  Injected high-density foam suspension pads support the strongest parts of the cello at the neck block and bottom block.  Two bow holders, string pocket, neck strap and scroll loop with clasps complete the interior.  Rigid when standing, aligns and closes easily with 5 latches.   A set of very comfy and secure non-slip shoulder straps are included.  Interior fits most cellos up 37cm UB, 45cm LB, body length 80cm, total length 125cm.  **Fit issues may occur around C peg, and at the waist if the distance between upper and lower corners is less than 6".  Black, White, Blue, Orangey, and Anise are lid color options.

With wheels and pull handle, case weight is 8.5 pounds.  Add $50 to price listed.

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  • Price $1050.00

Bam New Tech

Bam's New Tech has a strong double-layer ABS composite shell with anti-scratch film. Inside is an an Airex skeleton (note the raised gridwork in photos) for additional shock protection.   It is rigid and stable when standing, 5 latches close for a water-tight seal.    Injected foam suspension cushions support the strongest structural parts of the cello: neck block and bottom block.  It fits most cellos up to 37cm UB,  45cm LB, body length 79cm, total length 124 cm.    The interior features 2 bow holders, neck and scroll straps with clasp, string pocket.  Two non-slip, padded shoulder straps are included.   BLACK, ULTRAMARINE, MINT  Weight 11.6 pounds.

Adding wheels & integrated pull handle adds $70 to price.  Weight 12 pounds

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  • Price $1125.00

Bam Flight Cover

Bam's Flight cover is used in conjunction with your own 4/4 Bam cello case to increase protection when you have to check your cello with baggage for flight. It's constructed of a shock-absorbing elastomer ABS shell over 2" of high-density polyurethane foam.    When you arrive at your destination, unzip and remove the flight cover and you have your own case for everyday use.  Exterior dimensions are 137x53x43cm, interior 138x53.5x35cm.  9.1kg   The cover has integrated wheels with soft grip handle at the base of the neck for easy rolling. Bam's flight cover fits all Bam case models.  The fit is snug, but they fit.   Oversize surcharge applies to shipping. 

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  • Price 873.00

Gewa Air Cello

Gewa's Air Cello case features a strong thermoplastic shell, and injected foam bonded to interior suspension lining. An aluminum strip runs down the face of the case for increased rigidity at bridge zone. The interior features an adjustable sling to customize fit which is very advantageous for small pattern and 7/8 cellos.   Guideline dimensions are 14.5" UB, 18" LB, total length 51.5" but fit requires more details so contact us.    Side and shoulder handle of leather.  Five latches, one with an integrated combination lock.  Weight 10 lbs   WHITE/Red in stock.  Other colors shown below, but availability may vary.  Watch this video

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  • Price $1,600.00

Bam High Tech 4.4

BAM HIGH TECH 4.4 is an oversize case with an adjustable interior to fit most 4/4 size cellos up to 39cm UB, 48 cm LB, body length 79 cm, total length 126cm.   A triple-ply ABS shell over an Airex foam core provides superior thermal and shock resistance.  Rubber antiwear patches protect the bridge zone and back.  It is very stable when standing and easily closes with 5 latches for a weathertight seal.  The interior features dense foam suspension pads that support the strongest parts of the cello: neck and bottom blocks.  The pad at the neck block is on a velcro track and can be moved to fit the body length perfectly.  Additional velcro-back pads are included for a secure side fit.   There are neck and scroll straps with clasp, elastic endpin loop, two bow holders, a string pocket and removable music pocket inside.   Weight 4.4kg (9.8 lbs)  Wheels are not an option.    A set of non-slip padded shoulder straps attach with locking carabiners.  Silver textured finish or Black carbon look

Additional Info

  • Price $1600.00

Bow Case (1 bow) Bobelock

Fiberglass single-bow case is clamshell style with a three hinges and three flip latches. Weight 1 lb 6 oz.  Exterior dimensions are 31" long, 2-1/4" wide at latches, 1-1/4" high. Interior will fit cello, violin or viola bows up to 30" in length. No carrying handle.   Ask for color availability.

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  • Price $65.00

Bam High Tech 3.5 Compact

HIGH TECH COMPACT weighs 7.75 lbs and fits cellos up to 14.25" UB, 17.5" LB.   A strong 3-ply ABS shell over an Airex foam core provides superior thermal and impact protection. The interior has broad, dense foam suspension pads under the neck and bottom blocks -- the strongest structural parts of the cello -- and features  two bow holders, an accessory pocket at the C bouts, a scroll loop and neck strap with clip rather than velcro. Two padded non-slip backpack straps with locking carabiners (mountain climber grade) are included.   TWEED, SILVER CARBON in stock

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  • Price $1600.00

Bam High Tech 2.9 Slim

Bam's Slim HT is the slimmest, most compact ultralight cello case with a thermal and shock-resistant Airex core beneath its strong ABS shell. Weight is 2.9kg (just over 6 lbs).  The interior has two fixed position dense foam suspension cushions, 2 bow holders, a string pocket, elastic endpin loop.  The neck and scroll strap fasten with a clasp.  Two padded non-slip shoulder straps are included and attach with locking carabiners.  UB 14.25", LB 17.5"  While the case is extremely protective, the close sculpting of the case to the cello reduces the buffer zone between the cello and the outside world.  It is also advised to check the cello laying down to see whether the neck/scroll angle is too extreme to fit without resting on the scroll compartment.

Additional Info

  • Price $1900.00

Bam High Tech 2.9 Panther

Panther in another specialty material in the HighTech 2.9 series.  All features of the case remain the same as the original 2.9 Slim, but the exterior has a soft-touch texture. Weight 7.6 lbs so you are getting superior protection with the 3-ply shell, Airex foam core, broad/dense suspension pads placed beneath the strongest structural components of the cello.  Fit guidelines suggest UB up to 38cm, LB to 46cm, body 78cm, total interior length 124 cm.  We will go over precise fit for your specific cello's dimensions.  Single side handle, two bow holders, set of backpack straps, weatherproof seal when all 5 latches are closed.

Additional Info

  • Price $2000.00

Bam High Tech 2.9 La Defense

La Defense is part of the HighTech Slim 2.9 series, but features a stronger brushed aluminum-look ABS shell over Airex foam core.  Dense foam pads suspend the cello at the neck and bottom blocks, where the cello is strongest structurally, affording the most protection at a weight of 8.2 lbs.  Fit guidelines suggest UB up to 38cm, LB to 46cm, body 78cm, total interior length 124 cm.  We will go over precise fit for your specific cello's dimensions.  Single side handle, two bow holders, set of backpack straps, weatherproof seal when all 5 latches are closed.

Additional Info

  • Price $2000.00

Bam High Tech 2.9 L'Etoile

L'Etoile is a High Tech Slimline case distinguished by its leather front and brushed aluminum-look back.  The shell is 3-ply ABS over an Airex form core for superior protection at 3.6kg, or just about 8 pounds.  These materials are strong, shock-resistant, and afford thermal protection.  The interior of the case features neck and scroll loops with clasp, 2 bow holders, string pocket, endpin loop.  The upper suspension pad, which cradles the half-round at the neck block, moves on a velcro track so to customize how the case fits your cello's body length.  The case is stable when standing, closes easily, and its 5 latches assure a weathertight seal.    Every Bam comes with two non-slip, comfortable shoulder straps. 

Additional Info

  • Price $2350.00

Bam Straps

Bam straps (set of 2) are  padded, non-slip, comfortable, adjustable, and safe with high-quality carabiners.    Straps are included with every new Bam case but can be purchased and used on any case with D-rings.  If you are 5' 4" or under, with a 4/4 case, we recommend the short set of straps so the case rides higher on your back.   (Regular straps:  34" - 44")   (Short straps:  30" - 39")

Additional Info

  • Price $56.00

Bam Padded Music Pocket

Bam's padded music pocket has straps that attach to the D-rings on the exterior neck and sides of your Bam case. A zippered pocket fits sheet music and the pad softens the case against your back. It can also be used as a seat cushion if you have a hard chair. Dimensions are 17x15x2.5 inches. Weight 1.5 pounds.

Additional Info

  • Price 112.00

Bam interior pads

A six-pack of pads is available to customize fit in any cello hard case.  The pads are 3" x 4", covered in black fabric with an opening on one side to allow removal or addition of padding as needed.  Since the pads are backed with loopy velcro, to be used on a HighTech 4.4 Velcro track, they will not stick to the interior of your case unless you add the soft velcro yourself.  We include this, with industrial adhesive backing, with our set to make your life easier. 

Additional Info

  • Price $35.00

Bobelock Soft Bags fractional

Bobelock padded bags feature a water-resistant nylon cover with padded, adjustable shoulder straps.  There are three zippered compartments: 1 for bow, 1 for small accessories, 1 for music.   The dual-zippers open and close on either side of the endpin so the tip won't destroy the zipper over time.  Cellos of the same size vary in dimensions, so it helps if you know the length of your cello from the top of the scroll to the bottom edge of the wood, excluding the endpin assembly.  If it is up to 40", buy the 1/2 size ($110, black only at this time).  If it is over 40" and up to 44", buy the 3/4 size ($125, currently in stock in blue and burgundy).  1/4 and 1/8 are not in stock but can be ordered. 

Additional Info

  • Price $125.00


A generic case that's been a good performer for a more economical case.  Rigid thermoplastic shell with two "pleather" handles and a detachable subway handle for wheeling.  Wheels are 8" apart.  Seven spring-loaded overcam latches are easy to use (none lock).  Depending on curvature, fits most cellos up to 14.5" upper bouts, 18" lower bouts.  We do a thorough dimension check when ordering for any problem areas.  Broad suspension pads support under neck and bottom blocks.  Bottom pad has 3" endpin well, and the pad itself extends 3" up the back of the cello.  Velcro neck and bow closures.  12 pounds.  Many colors - ask for availability.

Additional Info

  • Price $495.00

Bam High Tech 2.9 Cosmic Supreme

This new model is part of the 2.9 Slim series, made of Polycarbonate.  This has not yet arrived in the shop but is on order.

Additional Info

  • Price $2150.00

Bow case (2 bows) Core

Two-bow case is padded black canvas over wood shell.  It closes with dual zippers, has a web carry handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.  Velour lined interior has vertical slots, pressure-padded lid.  Weight just under 2 lbs.  Length 31", width 2 1/2", depth 2 1/2".  Fits cello/viola/violin bows up to 29 1/2" long.

Additional Info

  • Price $60.00