Highlighter Tape For Music

Removable Highlighter Tape comes in a package of 3 colors: pink, yellow and green.  These tiny rolls of transparent colored tape can be placed on music to highlight repeat signs or anything you need to stand out.  It can be written on, so if you have borrowed music and need to write in fingerings they can be done on the tape and then peeled off when you turn in the music.  We have more uses for this than expected, and it works well.  Tape is 12mm wide, dispenser is about 1.5" by 1" with cutting edge,  Because sometimes we change our minds about what we want highlighted!

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  • Price $7.95

Stringvision Bow Grip

Stringvision's Bow Grip V2 helps the hand get more comfortable on the bow and protects the stick and frog from wear.   The bow grip's thumb indent aids thumb placement and may help some students develop a better bow grip. Made in one size that fits cello, viola and violin bows.  Black only.  The grip wiggles/slides on over the frog and should not be rolled back for installation.  Material is pliable, comfortable, but unless thumb nails are kept short, they can eventually poke through.

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  • Price $10.00

Chair - Wedge Cushion

Wedge cushions can help compensate for a backward-sloping chair or boost hips for a more comfortable posture when playing.  The Tush Cush also features a coccyx cutout to relieve pressure on the tailbone.  This 18" x 14" wedge slopes from 3" high in back to 1" in front and is made of high-resiliency urethane foam.  Black only, removable cover.   In general, the regular model works well for people up to 200 pounds.   An X-firm version ($56) is recommended for people over 200 pounds.

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  • Price $52.00

Chair - Adjustrite

The Adjustrite chair has been tested and approved by our customers for comfort!  The legs adjust independently from 15 to 20 inches so the back legs can be set higher than the front, and ther are leveling feet.  It folds easily for transport.  Hefty at 14.6 pounds, the comfort while playing for hours offsets the hassle of carrying it.  Great studio chair to easily adjust for students of varying heights.   If you're trying to fit this chair on risers, you will need a platform depth of 15" for the front-to-back leg spacing.

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  • Price $179

Chair - Adjustrite Kids' Stool

Adjustrite Cello Stool is a good investment for young, growing cellists.  Teachers may want to consider adding one to their studios as well.  Telescoping legs adjust in 1" increments from 12" to 14".  By removing the telescoping inserts entirely, you can get this stool down to 10.75".  The seat is padded for comfort, and at 5 pounds it's easily transported though the legs do not fold.  

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  • Price $65.00

Metronome - Dr. Beat DB90

The DB90 features the human voice for those of us who need to know precisely where we are in a measure when rhythms get more complicated or confusing.  Expensive but so worth it.  Loud enough to be heard over multiple instruments, a huge range of settings for tempi and subdivisions.  This unit is battery operated but AC adapter is available separately.

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  • Price 159.00

Metronome Wittner MT-60

A favorite! Very user friendly. Woodblock beat, distinctive downbeat beep option. Volume control as well as digital pendulum for silent operation. Tone generation for tuning. All settings easy to identify and change. Handles complex rhythms. Range from 40-216. Uses 9V battery.

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  • Price $45

Metronome - Korg KDM2

Korg's digital metronome comes highly recommended by professional cellists for its features, extended range.  Calibration of A4 from 410-480Hz.  Tempo range from 30-252 can be adjusted in steps of one.  Three distinct downbeat sounds better enable you to hear over a variety of instruments in ensemble.  Tap rhythm option, memory backup, auto shutoff,

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  • Price $39.95

Metro-Tuner - Korg TM50

Korg's TM50 is a combination tuner and metronome which can be used simultaneously.  Large screen display, easy to operate and hear for pitch and rhythm training.  Tempo range from 30-252.  Tone calibration across 3 octaves.  

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  • Price $35

Tuner - Korg CA1

Korg CA-1 chromatic tuner will generate pitches for tuning your cello, identify pitches you are playing and indicate whether you're sharp or flat, as well as droning a pitch for practice.  This compact unit sits on the stand.

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  • Price $22.00

Tuner - Korg Dolcetto

Clip-on tuner is a compact all-in-one unit with the readout mounted on the clip.  It is hinged to swivel and rotate so you can place it on your cello in multiple places.

When bowing, mount it on the bridge.  If you stand and pizz the string when tuning, clip it to a peg.  It registers the vibrating frequency by contact, thus eliminating

ambient noise when you try to tune and have trouble hearing.

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  • Price $30.00

Tuning Fork & Resonator Box

This Wittner  A440 large tuning fork mounts in a resonator box and comes with a striker.  Excellent for studio or practice room.  For those who prefer the pure sound and natural decay of the tone.  The tuning fork itself can be easily removed and for use anywhere.  (Just don't forget to bring it back)

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  • Price $115.00

Tuning Fork

Wittner A440 small turning fork, 10.5 cm in length comes with plastic storage sleeve.  Our preferred method for tuning and it never needs a battery.

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  • Price $7.50

Light - Lotus LEDlux 7

Lotus has 7 special LEDs that provide pure white light at constant output until battery is nearly discharged. Lamp is 7" long and comes with switching power supply for international use, carrying case, extra long cord.  It sheds consistent light across 3 pages.   Can be used plugged in or on rechargeable battery, and it has two brightness settings which affects usage time.  (6 hours on high setting, 13 hours on low)   A C2G favorite for versatility, fits on all stands, compact for travel, great for aging eyes, great battery life, can charge in the car with USB if you have back-to-back gigs. 

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  • Price $99.00

Light - Lotus LEDlux 14

Pure white light from 14 LEDS in a 13" lamp for bright and broad illumination.  Rechargeable lithium battery provides constant output until it's nearly discharged; there is no gradual dimming as you use it.  Can be used internationally as charger automatically adapts to 110 or 250 volts.   Will clip on folding wire stands or thicker solid stands.  Long battery life which varies with your selection of brightness setting.  3.5 hours on high, 6.5 hours on low setting.   Can charge with USB (handy in the car if you forgot to charge at home) as well as wall outlet.  Neoprene carrying case.  Great light for 3-4 pages across.

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  • Price $149.00

Light - Aria Brio

Stand light 14" wide features 18 LEDs for use with solid back orchestral stands.  Not suited for any "wire" stand that lacks a solid, straight top edge.  Light is bright, dimmable.  Rechargeable for travel, extra long cord.  Carrying case included.

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  • Price 160

Music Stand - K&M Ultralight

Ruka is a lightweight (1.4 lbs)  stand that comes with its own canvas carrying case.  Constructed so all pieces stay connected -- you can never leave a piece behind.  Poles telescope, base is adjustable tripod, desk easily opens and folds.  Folded length 22".  We use them with Lotus Lights and  and it supports them well, is stable despite its light weight.  For giant binders of music, you may want a stand with a deeper lip.

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  • Price $35.00

Music Stand - Nilton Magic

Nilton's Magic Stand is a solid-back stand that folds in half to become its own carrying case. The aluminum base adjusts easily with one hand.  Compartment that holds the base for travel is a handy shelf when stand is in use.  Shoulder carry bag is included.  Dimensions:  Width of stand is 21.5", desk height is 12 1/4".  Hinge is 8" from the top edge.  When at its lowest setting, the top edge of the desk is 30" from the floor, making it a popular choice for musicians trying not to covered up when playing.  Weight is 3 lbs.  The compartment doubles as storage for the base for travel, or a shelf when playing.  Stores rosin, glasses, metronome, etc. 

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  • Price $150.00

Stringvision Bow Grip V.2

Stringvision's Bow Grip V2 helps the hand get more comfortable on the bow and protects the stick and frog from wear.  This is a revised model, made of a stronger, more pliable tear-resistant  material.  The bow grip's thumb indent aids thumb placement and may help some students develop a better bow grip.  We show a clear model on a 4/4 Coda Diamond NX cello bow but the grip is only available currently in black.  Works for all size bows for cello, viola and violin. 

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  • Price $10

Music Stand - K&M Deluxe

Heavy-duty K&M Deluxe folding wire stand features an adjustable tripod base and a large desk.  One-piece telescoping construction means you can never leave part of your stand behind.   Desk surface is 19" wide x 9" high, 1.7" deep lip. Height can be set from 23-48" Weight 3.3 lbs. Folds to 19".  Black   When you need a stable, heavier folding gig stand, this is a great option.

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  • Price $55.00

Music Stand - Desktop

Desktop stand by K&M folds flat for travel, opens with page supports to keep music or book open, and an ABS plastic back for support.  Whether you need to travel light to practice in a hotel room, or set a cookbook up in the kitchen, it's handy.

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  • Price 10.00

Lotus Light Pro6

Improvements in Lotus Light include a battery with 30% more capacity than the previous model, now three light settings, and a "fuel gauge" so you know how much power is left on your battery.  It illuminates like sunlight with no voids or hot spots, and maintains constant output as the battery discharges. Works on wire folding stands as well as solid orchestral.  Include cord with USB so you can even charge in the car if you have double gigs.  Padded case.     [ *Also available in xlong version Pro14.  Price $169 ]

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  • Price $119.00