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    COVID-19 UPDATE   
        - We are still available via phone and email for orders, and are mailing items. 
          There is a curb-side pickup option for most items.
        -  8:00 a.m. we start taking calls, and try to end by 9:00 p.m. but you can leave a message
           Email us any time!
        -  Shop appointments for cello and bow trials are suspended until further notice.


Cellos2Go has been serving cellists in our community and around the globe since 2000, and continues to give personal attention to every customer.  Whether you schedule a visit to the shop, call or email, you will get detailed information about our products, availability, shipping costs and transit time, and anything you should know that you didn’t think to ask.  You can be a novice or very experienced player and yet know very little about the brands of cello strings and how they perform on different cellos, or what makes a specific case the best match for you, your cello and budget.   

What is “the best” usually depends on a combination of a player’s circumstances.  We listen to you, explain what you should consider and why, and then recommend items explaining the pros and cons.  Once they are in your hands you can decide for yourself.   We’ve had many cellists come in for an item that got rave reviews on line, only to leave with something else after they had a chance to try and compare.  This opportunity is invaluable.

The BROWSE PRODUCTS tab includes all the cellos, rosins, rockstops, strings and things you probably have never heard of under ACCESSORIES.  All sheet music is under the MUSIC & MEDIA tab, and that includes cello solos, ensembles, methods and scales . . . well just go check it out.  Our inventory changes as items come and go, but includes  7/8 and 4/4 cellos usually from $2,000 to $40,000, and there is a room full of cases from $125 padded bags to $2400 ultralight, ultraprotective hard cases.   There are some fractional size strings, bows and cases available.

Cellos2Go is run by Ellen Gunst, collaborating with luthier Damir Horvat, who does our setups, repairs, restorations.  We proudly offer his hand-made cellos and tailpieces!


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