Eudoxa strings are low tension, have a sheep gut core which is wound and polished.  Altering the string gauge by 1/2 PM changes string tension by 4%.

Brand is identifiable by thread at tailpiece end which is violet with white spiral.  We usually stock medium tension but can order light and heavy gauge.


$45.00   A     aluminum/gut              20.5, 21, 21.5 PM     Ball at end.  Peg end is black

$57.00   D     aluminum-silver/gut     23.5, 24, 24.5          Ball at end.  Peg end is orange

$74.00   G     silver/gut                    26, 26.5, 27             Knot at end.  Peg end brown

$97.00   C     silver/gut                    34.5, 35, 35.5          Knot at end.  Peg end violet