Evah Pirazzi strings have a steel core, and are available in 3 tensions in 4/4 size.  Fractional for 3/4-12 size cellos are available in medium tension only, and this is a great option for high-quality strings.   Brand is identifiable by green thread with black spiral at the tailpiece end.   *The A and D strings have a high success rate here.   The G and C can be gravelly or gritty on many cellos, yet wonderful on others, so let us know if this is your first time trying these strings.

 4/4 size                                                                                                                            3/4-1/2 size

$29.00   A     chrome/single filament steel                 Black at peg end                            $25.00      Additional gold band at peg end

$37.00   D     chrome/single filament steel                Orange at peg end                          $28.00      Additional gold band at peg end

$78.00   G     tungsten/rope core                            Brown at peg end                            $36.00      Additional gold band at peg end

$94.00   C     tungsten/rope core                            Violet at peg end                             $40.00      Additional gold band at peg end