Larsen strings are steel core, available in 3 tensions in 4/4 size.  Soft tension is blue at the peg end, medium is red, strong is yellow. Brand is identifiable by yellow thread with black spiral at the tailpiece end, and the pitch is indicated by the color of the metal ball.  Brass ball with a hole is A, chrome ball with a hole is D, copper ball is G, and black ball is C.  *These are very popular strings with a high success rate on many cellos

Fractional for 3/4-1/8 size cellos are available in medium tension only, and this is a great option for high-quality strings.       

 4/4 size                                                                                                  3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 size

$52.00   E     aluminum/steel              Brass color ball (med only)                     n/a

$42.82   A     chrome/steel                 Brass color ball                                  $30.00   

$56.10   D     chrome/steel                 Chrome color ball                              $42.00 

$80.04   G     tungsten/steel               Copper color ball                              $50.00      wire core

$98.92   C     tungsten/steel               Black ball                                         $58.00      wire core