SPIROCORE (Thomastik)

Spirocore chrome-wound strings are steel core, available in 3 tensions in 4/4 size.   Fractional size for 3/4-1/8 size cellos are available in medium tension for A, D, G and C and the pricing is the same as 4/4.  


Spirocore strings have red thread at the tailpiece end, but so do some other string brands so you may need to look at the color of the metal ball as well if you are trying to identify unknown strings on your cello.  Soft tension is yellow at the peg end, medium is red, strong is green.  


 4/4 size                                            Color of ball at end                   3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 size

$ 30.00   E     spiral rope core              Brass                                          n/a

$ 24.00   A     chrome/steel                 Brass                                      $24.00 

$ 34.00   D     chrome/steel                 Copper                                   $34.00

$ 44.00   G     chrome/steel                 Chrome                                  $40.00

$ 49.00   C     chrome/steel                 Brass                                      $44.00


$ 70.00   G     Silver/steel                   Chrome                                      n/a

$ 95.00   C     Silver/steel                    Brass                                          n/a


$115.00  G     TUNGSTEN/steel          Chrome                                       n/a

$130.00  C     TUNGSTEN/steel           Brass                                          n/a