PERPETUAL (Pirastro)

Perpetual are the newest strings from Pirastro, only in 4/4 size.   They make a Medium set, a Soloist set, an Edition* set, and then low tension G and C Cadenza so it's a little confusing.  There is no price difference between the same string in different versions.   As these are new strings with little track record here, we offer an exchange policy (not a free trial).   Brand is identified by purple with white spiral at the ball end.    *We have had the best results with Edition so far.

Price     Pitch    Winding/Core               Available varieties                                                                                                                                            

$  50.00   A      chrome steel/steel         Medium                Soloist                            Edition  

$  55.00   D      chrome steel/steel         Medium                Soloist                            Edition       

$100.00   G      tungsten/rope core        Medium, Stark       Soloist       Cadenza         Edition

$115.00   C      tungsten/rope core        Medium, Stark       Soloist       Cadenza         Edition