Cello Accessories

Bow Grip - SV

Stringvision's bow grip is a soft, pliable rubber that slides (wiggles) over frog to help protect the stick from wear, and provide a very comfortable place for your thumb.  You can still maneuver the bow with your fingers, and your thumb is not locked in one position, though it is oriented well and cannot poke through the stick.  A very popular item here.

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  • Price 10.00

Cello Bib

10" circular cello bib is soft black brushed fabric with 1/2 pocket on the back for small items (like a posture peg key).   Keeps buttons from scratching or vibrating against your cello, and a moisture liner insures no perspiration gets through to the varnisho.  Attaches under fingerboard with Velcro. 

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  • Price $35

Oasis Plus with refill kit

Oasis Plus is a case humidifier sized for the cello's needs.  Humigel crystals work with (preferably) distilled water in a soft cylindrical membrane. Oasis mounts in your case and slowly releases moisture causing the tube to gradually collapse. You can see easily when you need to add water. Easy, effective.  We include adhesive-backed velcro for more reliable attachment in your hard case, and a humigel refill kit.  At season's end be sure to empty, rinse and dry so you can start with fresh crystals at the start of the next season of cold/dry air.

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  • Price $25.00

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth has fibers woven into tiny loops that attract dust, dirt and oils like a magnet.  Great for removing rosin dust from instrument, strings and bow.  

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  • Price $7.50

Silk Cello Cover

Available with a regular lining (not thermal) in full length or vest style with a hole at the top leaving the neck exposed. 

Velcro closures on the bottom hold the fabric tight on either side of endpin.  Fabric color is solid, but design is tone-on-tone. 
Full-length $100 in stock:   Black paisley, Brown paisley

Vest style $90 in stock:  Brown paisley.

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  • Price $100.00

Oasis Hygrometer

This gadget measures and monitors temperature and humidity in your case.  Since the Oasis collapses when it needs to be refilled, the hygrometer is less important than it would be if you use a dampit or a hard-shell humigel container which gives no visual cue that it has gone dry.

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  • Price $30.00

Stand - Boston

Boston cello stand is black with padded arms to support the cello on either side of the endpin, and the lower back.  Endpin must be stowed in cello.  The arms flare out, away from the cello, so there won't be marks left on the varnish. 

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  • Price $40.00

Silk Thermal Cello Cover

This soft silk acetate cover has a hole at the top, like a sweater,  to slide over the cello's neck, covering the body only.  The thermal lining does add bulk and may not fit in some hard cases.  Velcro closures on the bottom hold the fabric tight on either side of endpin.  Fabric color is solid, but design is tone-on-tone.  In stock:  Burgundy diamond



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  • Price $100.00

Cello Dampit

Dampits can be a safe way to humidify your cello when room and case humidifiers are not an option. Diligence is required to prevent dripping when installed, and it must be checked often or you won't know when it's dried out unless you have a reliable hygrometer.  It consists of a perforated piece of rubber tubing housing a sponge core. When this is moistened, BUT NOT DRIPPING, it is inserted into the cello's F-hole where the moisture can slowly evaporate, releasing moisture for your cello.  Unfortunately, it looks the same whether it's damp or bone dry.

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  • Price $14.00

Stand - Ingles

Ingles gig stand  allows you to keep any size cello, with its endpin extended, ready to play. Folding nearly flat for storage, it features two height-adjustable cushioned arms to support the cello's bottom and a third with a safety bar to secure the neck. Bow hangs from cushioned hook out of harms way, behind the instrument and off the floor.The open stand is 21" across and uses 24" front-to-back if placed to access the bow hook. 

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  • Price $65.00

Stretto Refill Packets

4 refill packets for Stretto humidifier. Prolong life of each packet by using distilled water.

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  • Price $17.99

Oasis refill kit

Humigel crystals refill kit for Oasis humidifier includes syringe for adding water more easily.  Crystals should be emptied at the end of the season, replaced with fresh for best performance.

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  • Price $7.00

Wood Cello Stand for fractional size cellos

We have a few wood cradles available for 3/4 cellos up to 16" lower bouts, and 1'//2 size cellos up to 13" lower bouts.  The cradle is made of wood with a mahogany veneer, and is a shoe box style with no corner bevels inside.  The interior is blue velvet fabric over 1/2" padding on sides and bottom around a hole cut for the endpin.  We are discontinuing sale of this item, so we are limited to what's in stock when you call.

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  • Price $125.00

Hill Varnish Cleaner & Polish

W.H. Hill & Sons Varnish Cleaner and Polish. **Varnishes are very different in their makeup, and trying to use a cleaner may be ill-advised.  A luthier is the best person to clean your cello but if you feel confident... Apply a small quantity with a piece of absorbent material, then rub lightly with soft cloth.  Contains turpentine, so there may be mailing restrictions.

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  • Price $12.00

Peg Compound

W. E. Hill Peg Compound in swivel-up tube for pegs that stick or slip.  Apply to the portion of the peg that makes contact with the inside of the hole.

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  • Price $11.00

Peg Drops

Peg Drops for slipping and sticking pegs.  This is a low-viscosity fluid (thin, runny).

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  • Price 10.00


The ToneRite accelerates the play-in process by using a set of sub-sonic frequencies to simulate the same physics as long-term playing. 


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  • Price $250.00