Cello Ensembles

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  • Fitzenhagen – Ave Maria Op. 41 4 cellos

    #2198   Parts only, no score.   FYI on difficulty :  Cello I in tenor clef.  Cello II in tenor and treble clefs.  Cello III and IV are primarily in bass, but do have a few measures aggravatingly written in  tenor or treble clefs when not necessary.

  • W.F. Bach – Drei Duette (2 cellos)

    Parts are of comparable difficulty, and each cellist has their own booklet with parts in score form.  Each duet has multiple movements, remain in bass clef through 4th position.

  • de Fesch Sonata C Major, Op. 8-4 (2 cellos)

    Written for cello and bassoon, both parts in score form in one booklet. Can be played by two cellos, or cello with piano accompaniment.  Cello I is largely in tenor clef, but the note range does not exceed 4th position G. Continuo in bass clef, easier rhythmically.