Publisher: Kunzelmann

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  • Seven Easy Tangos for 2 cellos

    7 easy tangos are not easy! Set includes two booklets, each in score form. Cello I requires fluency in tenor and treble clefs. Cello II easier in bass clef, but still replete with rhythmic issues, chords.
    Flores – A la luz del Candil
    Canaro – Tiempo Viejos, Se Acabaron Los Otarios
    Kepler-Lais – La Cieguita
    Dios Filiberto – Cuando Llora la Milonga, Mentias
    Teisseire – Calandria

  • Vivaldi Concerto in G Minor for 2 Cellos and Piano

    PV411 is an alternate indexing system to RV531 but they are the same piece of music. This one edited by Schroeder.