Stahlhammer replacement tightener


** Read to the end – new update.  If you have overtightened the telescoping rod so it no longer holds, you have split the interior tightening mechanism.  This is a nylon sleeve and is replaceable.  Unscrew the extension rod and remove, take the tightening lock off, and gently screw the new one on.  Do not overtighten when you adjust your endpin next time.  Just enough to hold.   ***If you read the instructions inside the box, specifically No. 8, it suggests you routinely remove the inner tube and apply a few drops of alcohol to the nylon sleeve.  Apparently nylon off-gases, and produces a film which may act as a lubricant.  So even if you have not put oil in the mechanism, you still need to clean this part.  According to Semmy Stahlhammer, the nylon piece is strong and should not need to be replaced IF PROPERLY MAINTAINED.