Bam Latch replacement with video link


Bam latches can be replaced, but you need to know which style you have on your case.    See pictures in the gallery.  Each latch comes with rivets and washers, as well as replacement soft velcro to cover hardware inside.  Let me add this:  You can help your latches have a long life if, after closing your case, you fasten the side latch under or nearest the handle first.  If this latches easily, your case is likely aligned all the way around and the others should also latch easily.  If you latch the top first and there is a problem with alignment that you don’t know about, latches will be stressed as you attempt to close the others around the case.   Don’t force it; find the problem. OK, now look at your case and see which of these three you need.

#1   New style “soft touch” latches in black that say [bam] on them
#2  Old style silver latches with keyhole for cases with aluminum coloring front and/or back
#3  Old style latches in black.  Your latches may have keyholes, but available replacements do not

Depending on date of purchase of the case, some latches will be replaced at no cost if you bought your case here.  Since any dealer who orders and sells Bam cases can also order latches, go there first and maybe there will also be no cost.  They are for sale here, though.

LINK TO BAM VIDEO*latch+replacement+video*