Bam HighTech Slim Supreme


This is the strongest Hightech case, constructed with a 3-ply shell of polycarbonate with foam core and additional ABS layer. It weighs 3.6 kg (~8 lbs), and is sculpted close to the cello. It aligns and closes easily with only 5 latches. This type of plastic is harder to mold, harder to break, and less likely to distort or warp in heat than other cases. The suspension pad for the bottom block is fixed, broad, and supports under the back and bottom rib. The upper pad is on a velcro track. Position it snugly against the shoulders to prevent your cello from shifting. The cello shown is a great fit for this case, good clearance at the corners and the C peg, all cello edges have safe distance from shell. Contours plus dimensions matter, so have your cello’s handy – metric measurements are a help.   Supreme in Black or Ice.