Tonareli Polycarbonate


Tonareli’s polycarbonate composite cases weigh 10.5 lbs and have a three-ply construction.  The outside shell is a polycarb skin, the middle is high-density foam, and the inside is polyester fabric.    The lower pads are fixed while the pad at the neck is adjustable on Velcro to custom fit the length of the cello  Two additional pads can be placed as needed to prevent lateral movement at the upper or lower bouts.  Two bow holders close with zippers.  They do not accommodate longer Arcus bows.  The Titanium family has its own colors (Sapphire shown), and the Special Edition Graphite has its own color options (Red Graphite shown).  Total length from top of scroll to tip of endpin 51″.  Upper bouts max 14.5″, Lower bouts 17.5″ GUIDELINES!  Widest part of cello may not fall at the widest part of the case.  Cellos with back length less than 29″ will not reach the edge of the bottom suspension pad.  Wheels are not an option.