German c. 1770

This cello lacks documentation as far as authenticity, but luthiers note distinctive characteristics that suggest it may be a Klotz cello, perhaps Sebastian since it appears to be c. 1770 or perhaps 1800.   It does not nicely fit in a size category.  The back length of 740 mm and string length of 690 mm would tend to suggest a 4/4.   Upper bouts of 330 mm are in line with many 7/8  models.  The lower bouts at 405 mm, coupled with depth of 108-110 mm align more with 3/4 cellos than even 7/8.   Lastly, the rib to C-peg distance of 305 mm is more often found in 7/8 but has been measured on an occasional 4/4.  So it isn’t what you call it; it’s the totality of how it sounds and feels when you play this beautiful and unique cello.