Guadagnini replica

Vivo’s copy of a 1777 Guadagnini, made of European tonewoods, has been a very popular cello for its price, performance, and comfort.  With many 4/4 cellos having string lengths that cause intonation or pain issues for cellists, this one has a shorter string length (685 mm), generous body proportions that work with the short back length.  We welcome you to experience this instrument.  It is set up with Pegheds, a Belgian bridge, ConCarbo unidirectional carbon fiber  tailpiece in the harp style for a longer vibrating C string length.  The fitting is a NHM for a 10mm endpin, and this cello’s sound gets the best reviews with either a 28″ CF or 24″ Cube Acoustics endpin, though there are other options.

Back length    715 mm
Upper bouts  335 mm
Lower Bouts  420 mm
String length  685 mm