Horvat & Gunst 7/8ths size

The H&G cellos are a specialty item, and we offer them in 7/8.  We start with a white European cello, the top is removed by Damir Horvat, regraduation and other interior work is performed.   It is hand-varnished in a unique color/shading, often at the request of the cellist ordering it.  PegHeds are installed, and setup will vary as there are so many options!  It is one of the larger 7/8 models and people often have a hard time deciding between a 4/4 Guadagnini and this model.  The 7/8 has a shorter distance from the top rib to the C peg, so the back is longer than a Guad but the string length is shorter!  This one has been sold, another is in the works.

Back length  740 mm
Upper bouts  350mm
Lower bouts  435 mm
String length  680 mm