Quintus Carbon Fiber 3/4 size cello

Quintus was one of only two makers that made 3/4 carbon fiber  cellos, and this is one from 2000.   Carbon fiber is resonant, durable, and immune to the hazards of temperature and humidity changes.   The fingerboard is composite and does not need planing; likewise composite pegs which don’t shrink or swell.   The bridge is still maple and can warp like any bridge, but for the most part you have a less-sensitive cello for kids or small adults who wish they could find a CF in their size.

Back length 680 mm
Upper bout 310 mm
Lower bouts 390 mm
String length 640 mm.

While it has a top plate with “purfling” of red pinstripe, the molded back & ribs are one piece with rounded edges and button, making it comfortable to play.

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