1-Hole Tourte Mute

The Tourte 1-hole rubber mute can stay on the string's afterlength when not in use. You can quickly slide it up and on the bridge as needed. Some people prefer the 1-hole mute as it leaves more room for a wolf eliminator on an adjacent string.  It may tend to slide farther down the afterlength of the string than the 2-hole mute.  This is not a practice mute, but is used when playing music noted "con sordino."

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  • Price $4.25

2-Hole Tourte Mute

The Tourte 2-hole rubber mute can stay on the instrument when not in uses. You can quickly slide it up and on  the bridge as needed.  This is not a practice mute, but is used when playing music noted "con sordino."  It can be used along with a wolf suppressor and does not need to be centered on the D-G strings, just two adjacent strings.

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  • Price $4.25

Polly mute

Polly is a triangular, shield-shaped rubber mute for "con sordino" passages.  With smaller holes than the Tourte, it is less likely to vibrate when not in use.  Instead of a front tab that lifts over the bridge to secure it, the Polly just slides up and a narrow lip rests on top of the bridge securely, and removal is quick and easy. 

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  • Price 16.00

Leather Mute

Leather mute weighs ~7 grams and will fit on most bridges.  When not in use, the two notches in the mute hold it in place on the afterlength.

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  • Price 30.00

Ultra Rubber Practice Mute

The rubber mute is the most forgiving and therefore the most universal in terms of it fitting safely on thick or thin bridges. Weight approximately 66 grams.  Fits 4/4 and 7/8 cellos, but depending on bridge diameter and string spacing.  It is not a good fit for small size cellos. 

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  • Price $7.50

My Mute Practice Mute

My Mute is the most effective and secure practice mute we are aware of.  It attaches to your bridge with an adjustable arm you tighten with a thumb screw.  Your cello and bridge are safe, and you get the sound reduction you need.  The arm reaches into the center of the bridge to stop vibration and the 260-gram weight further mutes.   If you've tried the 2- and 4-prong metal mutes that sit atop the bridge, this is far superior and will work regardless of the thickness or contour of your bridge.

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  • Price $95

Ebony Mute

This mute is used more for tonal reasons than orchestral muting.  It does not rest on the string afterlength when not in use, so you need a handy spot to pick it up from and replace when removed.  If your bridge is thicker, you may need to file down the inside of the mute, otherwise it will just rest on the edges of the bridge instead of actually muting!

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  • Price 12.00

Artino Practice Mute

This hybrid mute weighs 110g and while more forgiving than metal practice mutes, it still won't fit all 4/4 cello bridges as the photos indicate. We offer trials and returns on items like this.

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  • Price $15

Swarovski crystal mute

Two-hole mute from Baroque Bling is adorned with Swarovski crystals in a rainbow.  Why is this necessary in life?  It isn't.  But if you are looking for something special, or significant, this might interest you. 

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  • Price $45.00