Wolf Suppressor

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We offer suppressors in a variety of styles, shapes, and weights. Results vary from cello to cello, so we help you try them out.

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    Other Wolf Suppressors

    Some of you will find items in the shop that do not appear on our website.  Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask if we stock something!!

  • New Harmony Wolf Suppressors

    New Harmony Music wolf suppressors come in six weights: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 grams. If you don’t know which weight you need, we can send the set out on evaluation.   It isn’t as simple as using a specific mass for a specific wolf.  Every cello and its setup is different.  Even if you get rid of a wolf on F, you may find it migrated to an E-flat, or that there is an unwanted side-effect.  Ask us for details.  Priced per wolfie, not the set.

  • Lup.X

    The Lup.X is a small metal two-piece button that is now available in  5.5 grams and 8.4 grams.  Simply unscrew the suppressor, fit it around the string and screw back together.  The string fits in the channel so the suppressor stay where you put it.   You may wish to compare a Lup.X along with other wolf suppressors we can send on evaluation.  Results vary.

  • Wolftoter

    This type of wolf suppressor is known as the Wolftoter (a/k/a Wolfton) and is available for three ranges: Low D-E (yellow tab), Medium Eb-F (green tab), and High E-F# (blue tab).   Installation involves stretching to hook onto the A and C strings to span under the strings below the bridge.  Some cellists place it on the winding of the string.   It is a little tricky to install as you will see after attaching one end to the A string, it doesn’t want to easily span the distance to the C string.  Looping dental floss through that second hook will give you something easier to pull on!   It has become less popular since there are so many options available now, and we have been special ordering as needed.

  • Internal Resonator

    This wolf suppressor is referred to a resonator, and is available in three frequency ranges: Low D-E, Medium Eb-F, High E-F#.  Pictured are two resonators, one top and one side view.  It may be placed outside the cello temporarily using the blue putty (provided) which will not harm the cello’s finish. It also allows for removal or change of position when conditions alter the wolf note’s presence.  When permanent installation is required, it should be done using a titanium clamp with height-adjustable swivel pads.