Cello Accessories

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Cello stands and cradles, humidifiers, peg drops and compound, miscellaneous cello-specific items. Explore!

  • Bow Grip – SV

    Stringvision’s bow grip is a soft, pliable rubber that slides (wiggles) over frog to help protect the stick from wear, and provide a very comfortable place for your thumb. You can still maneuver the bow with your fingers, and your thumb is not locked in one position, though it is oriented well and cannot poke through the stick. A very popular item here.

  • Cello Stand – Ingles

    ** Available for pickup here; we are not currently shipping this item.

    Ingles gig stand allows you to keep any size cello, with its endpin extended, ready to play. Folding nearly flat for storage, it features two height-adjustable cushioned arms to support the cello’s bottom and a third with a safety bar to secure the neck. Bow hangs from cushioned hook out of harm’s way, behind the instrument and off the floor. The open stand is 21″ across and uses 24″ front-to-back if placed to access the bow hook.  Weighs 8.2 lbs. This is the most varnish-friendly stand because the only contact points are edges of bottom ribs, and the neck.  We use these in the shop, and they are stable — but avoid placing in precarious places.

  • Cello Stand – Boston

    Boston cello stand is aluminum, black with rubber feet and soft padded arms to support the cello under the bottom ribs.  One pad rests against the lower back and may leave a haze on some fine or uncured varnishes (which can be buffed out).  . Endpin must be stowed in cello.  Stand folds flat for transport/storage and locks into place when open.   Weight 3 lbs.   It is stable or we wouldn’t use it in the shop, but exercise common sense when placing it in your room.

  • Wood Cello Cradle

    Wood cello cradle is a shoebox style with no bevels in the corners.   Interior is velvet over 3/4″ padding on all sides and a hole for the endpin and fitting.  Each stand varies a bit in wood grain and varnish, and interiors are usually available in green, blue or burgundy.  We can send you pictures of what’s actually in stock.  Due to forgiving padding, cellos with lower bouts to 18″ will just fit — but no wider!   There is a well for a bow in the rear right corner, which may be more useful if you have a carbon bow, or no chance of breakage.   *We have a few fractional size cradles in stock at fractional size prices.

  • Microfiber Cloth

    Thick, high-quality microfiber cloth by Bam. Perfect for wiping down cello, bow, strings after use.  Size 30 cm x 40 cm (11.75″ x 15.75″). BLACK.  Just wash with soap and water.

  • Cello Bib

    10″ circular cello bib is soft black brushed fabric with 1/2 pocket on the back for small items (like a posture peg key). Keeps buttons from scratching or vibrating against your cello, and a moisture liner insures no perspiration gets through to the varnisho. Attaches under fingerboard with Velcro.

  • Silk Cello Cover

    This silk acetate cover is full-length, lined, and has velcro closures on either side of the endpin.  This allows you to lift the cello at the neck without the fabric sliding.   Currently we have two in stock.  One cocoa with contrasting monogram, and one dark brown with monogram color-matched.   The fabric color is solid, but design is tone-on-tone.   Why do you want one?  Some are gifted with a personalized monogram, some protect the cello traveling in a Stevenson case which is unlined fiberglass.  If your cello is in a display stand, you may wish to keep dust off it.  Others are trying to keep vanishing humidity at bay, and feel this adds another protection zone.  **Limited to stock on hand.  The maker has discontinued the full-length model.

  • Silk Thermal Cello Cover

    This soft silk acetate cover has a hole at the top, like a sweater, to slide over the cello’s neck, covering the body only. The thermal lining does add bulk and may not fit in some hard cases. Velcro closures on the bottom hold the fabric tight on either side of endpin. Fabric color is solid, but design is tone-on-tone. In stock: Burgundy diamond with contrasting logo.  Some cellists like to add this layer when traveling.  While cellos do not have body heat, it still provides another layer for cold air to penetrate while your car heats up or as you walk across campus to a rehearsal.  May also help maintain humidity if on a display stand.  Stock items are sized for a Strad pattern.  These can be custom ordered with your preferred color and monogram.

  • Oasis Plus with refill kit

    Oasis Plus is a case humidifier designed for cellos. Humigel crystals work with (preferably) distilled water in a soft cylindrical membrane. Oasis mounts in your case and slowly releases moisture, causing the tube to gradually collapse. You can see instantly see when you need to add water.  Easy and effective.  We include adhesive-backed velcro for more reliable attachment in your hard case, and a humigel refill kit.  At season’s end be sure to empty, rinse and dry so you can start with fresh crystals at the start of the next season of cold/dry air.

  • Oasis Hygrometer

    This gadget measures and monitors temperature and humidity in your case. Since the Oasis collapses when it needs to be refilled, the hygrometer is less important than it would be if you use a dampit or a hard-shell humigel container which gives no visual cue that it has gone dry.  Also can be used in a room when you have a mass of cold air move into your area and aren’t sure how your internal air is being impacted.   Prevention is less expensive than crack repairs.

  • Cello Dampit

    Dampits can be a safe way to humidify your cello when room and case humidifiers are not an option. Diligence is required to prevent dripping when installed, and it must be checked often or you won’t know when it’s dried out unless you have a reliable hygrometer. A dampit has a sponge core covered with perforated tubing. When this is moistened, BUT NOT DRIPPING, it is inserted into the cello’s F-hole where the moisture can slowly evaporate and be absorbed into your cello. Unfortunately, it looks the same whether it’s damp or bone dry so set a schedule to refill, and stick to it until your weather changes.

  • Peg Compound

    Peg Compound may help if you have friction pegs that stick or slip.  It is easy to use, comes in a swivel-up tube like Chapstick.  Remove your peg, clean off whatever residue may be on it,  and apply just in a thin band where the peg contacts the wood in the peg box.  Reinsert the peg and rewind string.  A longer-term solution is Pegheds geared pegs if you can make the investment