Cello Accessories

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Cello stands and cradles, humidifiers, peg drops and compound, miscellaneous cello-specific items. Explore!

  • Boveda replacement packs (4)

    These packets are for 49% relative humidity, size 70.  Cellos, due to their size, require 4 packets to properly manage humidity in your case, which should be kept closed.   As long as you already have the soft pouch from your starter kit, you just need one set of 4 to keep your Boveda going for another 2-6 months.  Life of the product varies because conditions vary.  Contents of packet are  natural salts and pure water.  When your existing packets have gotten rigid — and you should note an increase in the size — it’s time to replace them.  Packets in their sealed plastic have a shelf life of two years.   A short video  https://bovedainc.com/question/when-do-i-replace-my-instruments-boveda/

  • Boveda Starter Kit for cello (Large)

    Boveda is a two-way system which controls humidity in your case whether it needs to be added or absorbed.  We were slow to offer this product because its use in cello cases seemed a bit awkward, and buying replacement packets is a commitment.  But we now have cellists needing the two-way management system for their finnicky cellos.   This starter kit includes the soft pockets into which the Boveda packets are placed (after removing them from their plastic wrapper).  Packets may remain effective for 2-6 months, and you can tell when they need replacement by how rigid they get.  Packet contents are natural salts and pure water.  Cellos require four packets to do the job, and remember to keep your case closed as exposure to the air will shorten their life.   When unopened, the packets can be stored for two years.  You can order additional packets when we ship your starter kit, or as you need them in the future.  A short video  https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/boveda-for-wood-instruments/products/music-starter-kit



  • Cello Humitron (replaces the Dampit)

    Humitron is an available alternate to the unavailable Dampit.  The principle is the same, and you can see the product literature in the photo gallery.

  • Silk bow cover

    Bow sleeves are lined silk acetate with a velcro closure at the end, cord to tie, and C2G monogram in the same color thread as the silk so it’s branded invisibly.  The black paisley is 33″ long, the blue pinstripe is 31.5″.

  • Wada bow grip aid

    A professional cellist recovering from a broken hand alerted us to the Wada, as it enabled a quicker faster return to performing.

  • Stringvision Bow Grip

    The SV bow grip is a soft, pliable rubber that slides (more like putting on a wet bathing suit) from the screw end over frog to help protect the stick from wear, and provide a very comfortable place for your thumb.   You can still maneuver the bow with your fingers, and your thumb is not locked in one position, though it is oriented well and cannot poke through.   A very popular item here.  *Note:  If the thumbnail is not kept short, you can wear through the rubber quickly.  Also, repeated installation and removal, or rolling the rubber back on itself can lead to material failure.

  • Cello Stand – Ingles

    ** Available for pickup here; we are not currently shipping this item.

    Ingles gig stand allows you to keep any size cello, with its endpin extended, ready to play. Folding nearly flat for storage, it features two height-adjustable cushioned arms to support the cello’s bottom and a third with a safety bar to secure the neck. Bow hangs from cushioned hook out of harm’s way, behind the instrument and off the floor. The open stand is 21″ across and uses 24″ front-to-back if placed to access the bow hook.  Weighs 8.2 lbs. This is the most varnish-friendly stand because the only contact points are edges of bottom ribs, and the neck.  We use these in the shop, and they are stable — but avoid placing in precarious places.

  • Cello Stand – Boston

    Boston cello stand is aluminum, black with rubber feet and soft padded arms to support the cello under the bottom ribs.  One pad rests against the lower back and may leave a haze on some fine or uncured varnishes (which can be buffed out).  . Endpin must be stowed in cello.  Stand folds flat for transport/storage and locks into place when open.   Weight 3 lbs.   *If your endpin/fitting sticks out more than 7 cm ( 2.75″) the tip will hit or gouge the floor.

  • Wood Cello Cradle

    Wood cello cradle is a shoebox style with no bevels in the corners.   Interior is velvet over 3/4″ padding on all sides and a hole for the endpin and fitting.  Each stand varies a bit in wood grain and varnish, and interiors are usually available in green, blue or burgundy.  We can send you pictures of what’s actually in stock.  Due to forgiving padding, cellos with lower bouts to 18″ will just fit — but no wider!   There is a well for a bow in the rear right corner, which may be more useful if you have a carbon bow, or no chance of breakage.   *We have a few fractional size cradles in stock at fractional size prices.

  • Microfiber Cloth

    Thick, high-quality microfiber cloth by Bam. Perfect for wiping down cello, bow, strings after use.  Medium size ($16) is 30 cm x 40 cm (11.75″ x 15.75″).  Just wash with soap and water, air dry.

    Large size ($18) is 40 cm x 60 cm.  Some players like to use them folded to pad the area between cello and chest.

  • Silk Cello Cover

    This silk acetate cover is full-length, lined (not thermal lining), and has velcro closures on either side of the endpin.  This allows you to lift the cello at the neck without the fabric sliding.   Currently we have two in stock.  One cocoa with contrasting monogram, and one dark brown with monogram color-matched.   The fabric color is solid, but design is tone-on-tone.   Why might you want one?  Some want to protect the cello traveling in a Stevenson case which is unlined fiberglass.  If your cello is in a display stand, you may wish to keep dust off it.  Others are trying to keep vanishing humidity at bay, and feel this adds another protection zone.  We have one remaining in stock, a light brown in the paisley as shown in the gallery.  We are not placing new orders at this time.  The dark brown silk pictured has been sold, but the light brown is available.

  • Oasis Plus with refill kit

    Oasis Plus is a case humidifier designed for cellos. Humigel crystals work with (preferably) distilled water in a soft cylindrical membrane. Oasis mounts in your case and slowly releases moisture, causing the tube to gradually collapse. You can see instantly see when you need to add water.  Easy and effective.  We include adhesive-backed velcro for more reliable attachment in your hard case, and a humigel refill kit.  At season’s end be sure to empty, rinse and dry so you can start with fresh crystals at the start of the next season of cold/dry air.