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This category includes a variety of pegs, bridges, tailpieces and endpins for cello.

  • Bois d’Harmonie tailpiece

    French style tailpiece made from high-quality ebony, 235 mm long with integrated composite fine tuners.  Kevlar tail cord is available but not included because not everyone chooses this option.

  • Composite Fitting for 10mm Endpin (NHM)

    This New Harmony Music endpin fitting is composite with stainless steel and can be used with your existing 10 mm endpin, or you can purchase one of our options.   Keep in mind there are tolerances so a misfit (while rare) is possible.  You will need to know the diameter of the hole in your cello from the current fitting so you can choose either the Small 23.5 mm, Medium 25.5 mm, or Large 27.5 mm.   This is a traditional straight bore hole.  The 6-degree angled model is listed separately.

  • ConCarbo French Style Twill

    ConCarbo carbon fiber tailpieces are new to Cellos2Go, and are just resting on a cello for these pictures!   This is the French style, in twill which displays the CF weave.  The model with no fine tuners (not pictured)  is the least expensive ($135) and if you have Pegheds installed or use gut strings, this would be a good choice.   The model with mini-lever fine tuners ($159) requires threading the top of the string through a hole in the back of the tailpiece, then up to the peg.  The model with titanium fine tuners ($199) provides front access for string installation.  For more information from the maker, visit their site here.

  • ConCarbo Harp style

    This Harp style is pictured in the Unidirectional CF and does not have fine tuners.  If you have Pegheds or other geared pegs, you don’t need additional tuners.  For regular friction pegs, you can order this model with Titanium or mini-lever fine tuners which are pictured on the ConCarbo French style entry on the site, and are priced differently.    These tailpieces are new here, and we don’t have all their options sitting here.  This model is also available in the Twill or Painted.  These items can be seen on the maker’s site for now.

  • ConCarbo Harp Style Twill

    This Harp style is pictured in glossy twill carbon fiber and does not have fine tuners. It is also available in black paint finish.  

    You can order fine tuners on this tailpiece, but they are not an add-on after purchase.  They are specifically drilled for the Titanium hook style ($70 for set of 4), or the black mini-lever style ($35 for the set of 4).


  • Cube Acoustics tail gut

    Designed for better sound transfer when used with the Cube Acoustics endpins — which we do sell — and the housing, which can be ordered.  It is very strong, and may add a clarity to articulation and/or increase volume.


  • Stringvision Posture Pegs

    Posture Pegs from Stringvision afford freedom of movement by eliminating the protruding peg heads. Tuning is accomplished by means of a removable key with grip. The peg shank is a blackwood blank, tapering from 14mm at the collar to 12.5 mm at the small end, 6.3 cm in length.  It must be shaped and fit by a luthier to the existing peg hole.  Set of 2 pegs includes two shanks and two keys.  *The steel sleeve is 2 cm long, so if you want to use these pegs in a fractional cello, make sure the peg diameter is thick enough so as not to interfere.

  • Stringvision Posture Peg Replacement Key

    Replacement key for Posture Peg

  • Pegheds (offered here only in our cellos)

    PegHeds are the original geared pegs, and are made in Winnsboro, SC by Chuck Herin.  Once installed, all you need is a thumb and index finger to tune and the peg stays put.  When humid summer weather causes friction pegs to swell and stick, or dry winter air causes shrinking and slippage, Pegheds  will hold firmly.  Prices vary with wood variety and style.  Pegs must be ordered to fit your specific cello, or you may be able to have your own pegs retrofit in some instances.  Nearly every cello here has Pegheds installed, and we highly recommend them.  If you are wishing you could use a Posture Peg, please note the stubby C peg available, which is pictured in the product gallery.  We no longer sell sets of PegHeds here, but do have them installed in cellos we sell.  We love to promote and explain them.  Go to PegHeds official website to order.

  • 8 mm Solid Carbon Fiber Endpin NHM

    New Harmony’s 8mm carbon fiber endpin is 20″ long, weighs ~ 42 grams with a rubber cap that weighs 6 grams.  It is a one-for-one replacement for most solid metal endpins.  If you don’t have calipers to measure diameter of your existing endpin, measure around the circumference of the rod.  If it’s 1″, the diameter is 8mm.    The tip is heat-hardened steel that can be sharpened, though it maintains its original point for a long time.  Some players report some flex compared to solid metal rods, but this varies with player movement (emoting) as well as how close you are to full extension.  *Add $10 for the model with a steel carbide tip

  • 8 mm Cube Acoustics endpin

    Temporarily Out of Stock   Expected by 12/20/23   Cube Acoustics 8mm endpin is made of a patent-pending special alloy.  Weight is ~ 246 g, length is 23.5″.  The extra length allows for more rod resonating in the cello.  Of course this varies with height of cellist, body length and contours of cello, so results should vary.  As far as the tonal enhancements you will experience, you simply have to try it and gauge its performance for yourself.  The endpin will tarnish over time and it can be left to a natural brown patina.  If you want to polish it, recommended is 0000 steel wool, or brass/silver polish.

  • 8 mm Carbon Fiber Endpin Set NHM

    The 8mm NHM endpin is solid carbon fiber with a heat-hardened steel tip, 20″ long and comes with the matching composite fitting which tightens with a collar rather than putting pressure of a screw tip against the rod.  Fittings are available in 27.5 and 25.5mm so you need to know the size the opening in your cello when placing your order.  Protective rubber cap for the extremely sharp tip is included and extras may be purchased.