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Equipment is a category of items that are not cello-or cellist- specific. Chairs, wedge cushions, music stands, lights, metronomes, tuners and more.

  • Adjustrite Chair Tall

    The Adjustrite Tall chair at its lowest setting is 20.5″ from floor to the seat cushion.  This is the same height as the regular chair at its highest setting.  Which model you choose has more to do with the length of your legs than your overall height.    The tall chair has five settings from  20.5 to 25.5 inches, and the back legs can be set a notch higher than the front if you want your hips elevated more.   The tilt of the chair is 1.6 cm higher at the back of the seat than the front.   The base of this chair is wider than the regular Adustrite, though the seat is the same.  Just lift the back of the seat and the chair folds easily for transport.  There are threaded leveling feet in case you have uneven floors, and if you travel, check they are not loose enough to fall out.  Hefty at 18.5 pounds, the comfort while playing for hours offsets the hassle of carrying it.  Weight limit 250 lbs.
    Replacement seat cushion  $38.00
    Replacement leveling foot  $3.50


  • Adjustrite Replacement Seat

    Replacement seat for Adjustrite chair, both original and tall models.

  • Adjustrite Stool

    Adjustrite’s stool for kids is a good investment for young, growing cellists.  Teachers may want to consider adding one to their studios as well.  Telescoping legs adjust in 1″ increments from 12″ to 14″, and each has a threaded leveling foot.  The seat has 2″ of padding.  Weight  6 pounds.  It’s easily transported though the legs do not fold.  *Extending back legs higher than front to raise hips can bend the frame so please don’t try it.

  • Dr. Beat DM-90 metronome

    Dr Beat DB-90 is loaded with features.  It is probably the loudest metronome, so you can hear it over a sextet trying to play Brahms.  It has a human voice so when a distinct downbeat is not enough for you, you can set it to speak ONE two three four….   It can get a group back on track in a hurry.  Tempo 30-250, 30 kinds of patterns, reference pitches in 5 octaves, and more.  4.75″ wide, 6.25″ tall, 1.25″ deep.  Operates on a 9-volt battery and has auto shutoff.     Price with the adapter $189,

  • Tuning Fork A 440

    This small tuning fork produces a pure A 440 Hz tone when you strike it — let’s say against your knee — and then set it on the top of the cello’s bridge.  The sound naturally dissipates.  It is the most reliable for pitch and requires no battery.  Weight 14.6 g, diameter 3.6 mm, length 116mm  (4.25″)  Plastic case included.

  • Tuning Fork with resonator

    This set includes a large a1 A 440 Hz tuning fork, resonating box and striker that produce a pure pitch for a longer duration.  The weight of this fork is 220 g, diameter of the fork is 6.8 x 13.7 mm, and the length is 175 mm (6 7/8″).  Wittner 935440RA

  • Adjustrite Chair

    The Adjustrite chair has been tested and approved by our customers for comfort!  Legs are adjustable in five 1″ increments so the chair height ranges from 15.5 to 20.5 inches.   The back legs can be set higher than the front if you want hips elevated more.  Threaded leveling feet account for uneven floors.  Lift the back of the seat and the chair folds easily for transport.  Hefty at 14.6 pounds, the comfort while playing for hours offsets the hassle of carrying it.  Great studio chair to easily adjust for students of varying heights.  Weight limit 250 lbs.

    *Replacement seat cushion is available for purchase  $38.00
    *Replacement leveling feet are available for purchase  $3.50

  • Tush Cush Wedge Cushion

    Tush Cush’s 3″ wedge cushion can help compensate for a backward-sloping chair or boost hips for a more comfortable posture when playing on a flat chair.  Made of orthopedic high-resiliency foam with removable velour cover, this cushion features a coccyx cutout to relieve pressure on the tailbone.  We offer the cushion in concert black.   In general, the regular model works well for people up to 200 pounds.   An X-firm version ($59) is recommended for people over 200 pounds based on the support and resiliency of the foam.


  • Music Stand – K&M Ultralight

    Ruka is a lightweight (1.5 lbs)  aluminum stand that comes with its own canvas carrying case.  Constructed so all pieces stay connected — you can never leave a piece behind.  Base is an adjustable tripod, the desk easily opens and folds, and two telescoping poles adjust from 21.75″ to 50.5″ (to desk bottom).  Folded length 22″.  We use them with a variety of clip-on standl lights  and it supports them well despite its light weight.  For giant binders of music, you may want a stand with a deeper lip.   Desk width  18.25″, height 9″ at sides and 11″ in the center, lip 1.25″depth.

  • Lotus Light Pro 6 stand light

    Lotus Light Pro 6’s rechargeable lithium polymer  battery has 30% more capacity than the previous model, now three light settings, and a “fuel gauge” so you know how much power is left on your battery.  650 lumens illuminate like sunlight with no voids or hot spots, and maintains constant output as the battery discharges. Run time varies from 4.5 hours on high to 14 hours on lowest light.  Works on wire folding stands as well as solid orchestral.  Includes 8′ cord, USB adapter,  zippered carrying pouch.  Never buy bulbs or batteries for this unit.  Weight 8 oz, Shade width 6.5″  Made in USA!

  • Korg TM60 metronome & tuner

    Korg’s TM60 is a combination tuner and metronome; both may be used simultaneously.  Large, easy to operate and hear for pitch and rhythm training.  Tempo range from 30-252.  Tone calibration across 3 octaves.

  • RAT Jazz Stand & bag

    Jazz stand has a solid back which raises/lowers with a friction-joint telescoping mechanism, rotates to fold flat against the base.  No parts to assemble, and no knobs or tighteners.   The angled design brings the desk closer to you.  There is a lower shelf for bow, pencil, whatever, and the upper shelf is split which allows for easier page turns as the page overhangs the edge.   Desk width 19.5″, total desk height 15″, but 13″ from music lip to top of back.  Telescoping height range of music is 18-48″.  Music shelf is 2 1/4″ deep.  Sold with carrying case.  *Stand is adjustable in any increments you wish; you do not have to raise a whole telescoping section at a time.  The desk can be angled so the music nearly lays flat (if being used for conducting) or rotated up to a vertical and slightly beyond.  But it always holds firmly where you set it.