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    Cecilia Signature rosin

    Cecilia’s newest rosin is Signature, a golden color,  and available in a full-size cake with rosin spreader (snaps on and off the bottom of the case).  $45.00

    Half-size cake is same diameter, just half as thick.   $29.00     Sale $26.00

  • Kolstein Ultra Bass Rosin

    There are enough requests for this rosin from cellists that we have added it.  I can’t advise you as to whether you should use it or not, or when or why.  But if you know you want it, it’s here.  Softer and grippier than cello rosins.

  • Leatherwood Eco Rosin

    From Australia, Eco Rosin promotes its product as Vegan, biodegradable, organic plant based, with packaging which is also eco friendly.  It’s a new offering here and we look forward to trying it out.

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    Cecilia (Andrea) A Piacere

    Formerly known as Tartini “GREEN,” which is the softest of the Cecilia/Andrea rosins.  Provides effortless bow control with even sound production.    Price is for full-size cake.  The mini or half cake is available for $23.00   On sale  $21.00

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    Cecilia (Andrea) Solo or Orchestra

    Andrea is now Cecilia brand, but the formula is the same.
    Orchestra rosin is designed to provide a more blended sound for ensemble playing, without sacrificing clarity or articulation.  It is the hardest, driest of the Andrea rosins.  We have a few cakes left, but the new packaging will be Cecilia.
    Solo rosin is designed for powerful, yet sensitive sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and extra clear bow articulation.  It is the softest of the Andrea rosins.

  • Bernardel

    Gustave Bernardel rosin is known for its purity. Its qualities in term of sound emission give Bernardel rosin, its reputation of excellence. Helps get clear and precise attack of the string with control of the sound. Suitable for all weather. Stores in soft blue pouch.

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    Cecilia Sanctus rosin

    Sanctus is a rosin in a rosin by Ceclia (formerly Andrea).  The interior core is a darker, stickier formula surrounded by one that’s harder.  The combination is designed to give the player a focused, smooth tone with a bit of grabbiness or bite.

  • Hill rosin

    W.E. Hill & Sons rosin is made in England using a blend of oils and resins.  Choose Light (tan cloth cover) if you want a harder rosin, or Dark (green cloth cover) for a softer rosin with more grip.  Hill dark is the more popular choice here.

  • Jade

    Jade L’Opera colophane (France)  is a soft rosin with dust-free adhesion.  It is opaque green and comes in a clear plastic case.

  • Kolstein

    Kolstein Ultra rosin is available in two formulas.   Medium is more popular here, seems to grab the string better but doesn’t feel sticky.  Maybe it’s the SC weather that makes it a favorite.

  • Larsen

    Larsen Rosin from Denmark is available in Original and Red, suitable for cello, violin and viola.  Low dust formula.

  • Liebenzeller Larica Copper

    Liebenzeller Copper is available in hardness III  for cello, and is supposed to make playing easier for the beginner according to the maker.