Cello Ensembles

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  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas – 2 cellos

    Arranged by Steven Rosenhaus.   While the melody can be played by bassoon or cello (range through 4th position), the accompaniment is cello-only as it involves double stops and chords.

  • Cello Duet Delights (2 cellos)

    Mr. and Mrs. Cello arranged 10 pieces for 2 cellos.  The set includes each part in a separate booklet plus a score.  For players with advancing skills, comfortable with tenor and treble clefs.  Contents:
    City Of Stars
    Love Is A Losing Game
    Nuvole Bianche
    Someone You Loved
    The Sound Of Silence
    Tu Sei
    Writing’s On The Wall

  • Dotzauer Three Easy Duos Op. 114 (2 cellos)

    #3780   Edited by Jeffrey Solow.  Each part is in its own book.  Don’t confuse “easy” with “for beginners.”  Range stays within bass clef, 4th position, but includes more complex rhythms, lots of double stops that are not against open strings, sections in 3 sharps and flats.   No idea why this volume is so expensive, but it does include a lot of music!   I find this to be fun and practical sight-reading material as the range of notes is comfortable, but the intervals and rhythms really show you where your geography shortcomings lie.

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    Abreu – Tico-Tico (4 cellos)

    Parts vary in difficulty so this arrangement will accommodate a quartet of mixed abilities. Cello I will need to feel comfortable with treble clef. Set includes parts with score.

  • Wang – Chinese Folk Songs Vol. 1

    These pieces can be played whether you are 2 cellos, 3 cellos or 4 cellos.   Cello 1 requires knowledge of tenor clef and thumb position.  Cello II is the most challenging as it has more shifting in neck positions.  Cellos III and IV may be played by less experienced players.  Contents:  Fall Recollections at Dressing Table, Whether He Knows or Not, Little Cabbage, General’s Command, Jiaocheng Mountain, Elunchun Folk Tune.

  • Albinoni Adagio in G minor; Rameau La Poule (4 cellos)

    Includes parts only, no score. Edited by Thomas-Mifune

  • Reicha Trio for 3 Cellos

    Parts with score, edited by Aldo Pais.  If you appreciate rehearsal markings, these parts have measure numbers every 5 measures.

  • Piazzolla – Michelangelo 70 (7 cellos)

    Arranged by Jorge Espinoza for 7 cellos.  Parts are of uneven difficulty.  Cello I and II treble and tenor clefs.  Cello III and IV tenor with some bass clef.  V, VI and VII are progressively easier.

  • Piazzolla – Cierra tus ojos y escucha (5 cellos)

    Arranged by Jorge Espinoza, includes parts with score.  Cello I involves treble clef, II tenor clef.  Cellos III, IV and V get progressively easier, all in bass clef.

  • Bach, JS – Suite No. 5 BWV 1011 (4 cellos)

    Includes parts and score. (MC-43)

  • Prelude and Fugue VIII from the WTC Book 1 (4 cellos)

    No. 8 from Book 1 of the Well Tempered Clavier, arranged in A minor for 4 cellos by Laszlo Varga. Solos spread throughout 4 parts, fluency in the upper ranges required for Cello I and II. III involves tenor clef, IV through 4th position. While the note ranges vary, the rhythmic demands and complexity exist in all parts. Includes score and parts.

  • Bach, JS Suite No. 4 (2 cellos)

    Arranged by Laszlo Varga for 2 cellos in G major from Suite 4 in E-flat. Includes two booklets, both in score form (MC-41)