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Items from our signature Celloflowers collection and occasional surprises.

  • A Cello Named Pablo

    A lovely children’s book about how Amit Peled came to play Pablo Casals’ Favorite Cello.  Written by Marni Fogelson and Illustrated by Avi Katz, and our copies are autographed by Amit.  If you are interested in hearing his cello music, we also offer some recorded CD’s.  Just ask!

  • Note cards

    Package of 10 folded Celloflowers note cards designed by Andrea DiCocco, with envelopes.  The originals were 6″ x 4″ but we now offer Small  ( 5 1/2″x 4 1/4″) and  Large ( 7″ x 5″).    If you’re not sure which size you want, you can get some of each to equal 10.  For thank-you notes, small is great.  For newsy catching-up, the large!