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This section includes cases/covers for cellos and bows. Measure your cello, set your budget, and evaluate how rigorous your usage is. We’ll happily explain factors you might not have considered..

  • Bam Ergonomic Backpack

    For longer hikes when you want more of a harness than just shoulder straps.  Keep in mind that when not being carried on the back, the case will be back-heavy and also not lay flat if that matters to you.  Petite cellists to have more fit issues than taller ones, though I can’t give you the cut-off point.

  • Bam HighTech l’Etoile

    This case is part of the HighTech series, so it’s light-weight and very protective with its ABS shell, Airex foam core, and suspension pads that are broad and dense.  It has the same dimensions as the Slim model, but the leather front makes it a little heavier — ~9 lbs with both shoulder straps.   Available in 9 colors, they are usually made to order.  The current wait time is about 5-6 months.   Given its longevity, protection, weight and compactness, it is an investment that is worth the wait in my opinion.  (I have owned one in Violet for several years. ESG)

  • Gewa Air Rucksack & Music Pocket

    Designed specifically for the Gewa Air case with two D-rings at the neck and two at the lower bouts.  The music pocket is padded, breathable material.  Straps are padded and adjustable.  System easily detaches.

  • Gewa Idea Futura

    Gewa’s case models vary in dimensions and weight, and this one is ~ 10.5 lbs, fits upper bouts to 36 cm (14 3/8″), lower bouts to 45 cm (17 3/4″), and depth at bridge of 28 cm (11″), total interior length of 129 cm (50 3/4″).  Your cello is suspended on a raised perimeter platform, and the neck strap fastens with a buckle.  Two bow holders have magnetic closures.   This fiberglass shell has handles at the side and shoulder, features 4 latches — none on the hinged side — and comes with two shoulder straps.  The flared top fits over the rolled-edge back, and is not a tongue-in-groove seal.

  • Gewa Pure with Wheels

    Please read the entry for Gewa Pure polycarbonate case to see more images and details.  The only differences between the two cases are addition of wheels and a wheeling handle making it slightly heavier at ~ 10.5 lbs.  Interior features, construct and shell are identical to the case without wheels.  If you have a short-pattern cello or a cello with shoulders that don’t fit well in fixed suspension padding, contact me to discuss your cello in this case.  These pads are more adjustable than you expect.

  • Mirage Polycarb Wide

    Cellos can be too wide for some cases at the upper or lower bouts, or at the upper or lower corners if you have a Montagnana or similar body style.  The back of your scroll may rest against the bottom of the case and lack clearance.  This case has a very good chance of meeting your needs, but these measurements only serve as guidelines.  The weight of the case is 10 pounds, it does have wheels and a subway handle for pulling.  Bow holders fasten with zippers.  There are removable/adjustable pads on a velcro track to prevent lateral shifting.  Check back as we add an annotated image  that will be more helpful.

  • Tonareli Polycarbonate

    Tonareli’s polycarbonate composite cases weigh 10.5 lbs and have a three-ply construction.  The outside shell is a polycarb skin, the middle is high-density foam, and the inside is polyester fabric.    The lower pads are fixed while the pad at the neck is adjustable on Velcro to custom fit the length of the cello  Two additional pads can be placed as needed to prevent lateral movement at the upper or lower bouts.  Two bow holders close with zippers.  They do not accommodate longer Arcus bows.  The Titanium family has its own colors (Sapphire shown), and the Special Edition Graphite has its own color options (Red Graphite shown).  Total length from top of scroll to tip of endpin 51″.  Upper bouts max 14.5″, Lower bouts 17.5″ GUIDELINES!  Widest part of cello may not fall at the widest part of the case.  Cellos with back length less than 29″ will not reach the edge of the bottom suspension pad.  Wheels are not an option.

  • Bow Case (2 bows) Pedi

    Pedi tubular bow case holds two cello bows (or viola/violin), has space in the lid for rosin, zips closed. The adjustable shoulder carry strap can be tightened flat to the exterior. Rigid, well padded, with luggage tag attached, it’s a reliable way to travel or fly with your bows. Leather with contrasting trim (brown/black).

  • Bobelock Soft Padded Bag in sizes

    Available in 3/4 and 1/2 size, Bobelock’s popular cello bag has a nylon canvas cover that resists water, and 1″ thick foam padding protects the cello from everyday bumps. There’s a music pocket on the back, accessory pocket and padded bow compartment on the front, and comfy adjustable backpack straps (not removable). Dual zippers meet on either side of the endpin to prevent sharp tips from damaging the zipper.

    The 4/4 size bag ($140) also fits 7/8 size cellos
    The 3/4 size bag ($120)  maximum length 44″ In stock in blue, burgundy, black
    The 1/2 size bag ($100) maximum length 40″  In stock in black



  • Gewa Pure

    Gewa Pure weighs ~ 10 pounds. It has a rigid polycarb shell, 6 spring-loaded latches and 1 combination lock latch. It has a side handle, shoulder handle, and two shoulder straps.  Neck strap fastens with clasp, and there is no scroll loop.  The two bow holders have magnetic closures.    The interior is generous and there are 8 pads that can be placed along a velcro track (or removed) to achieve a custom fit.  Lay your cello in the case with all non-fixed pads removed so you can check corners and clearances.  Add pads where needed to prevent lateral and vertical movement.   See pics of our “case studies.”   Know your total length, back length, upper and lower bouts for starters.  Colors:  Black, Gray, Red, White.  Black interior only.

  • Bow case (2 bows) Core

    Two-bow case is padded black canvas over wood shell. It closes with dual zippers, has a web carry handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. Velour lined interior has vertical slots, pressure-padded lid. Weight just under 2 lbs. Length 31″, width 2 1/2″, depth 2 1/2″. Fits cello/viola/violin bows up to 29 1/2″ long.

  • Bam Performance Case (soft)

    This is a densely-padded nylon bag with a water repellent polyurethane coating.    The interior is velvet over foam padding for some thermal  as well as shock protection.  There is leather padding over the vulnerable bridge, and leather handles.  The usual accessory pockets for rosin/rockstop and sheet music are present, and the bow pocket is rigidized and includes two padded sleeves.  The zipper does not stop at the C peg, but wraps around the top of the scroll to the A peg, so the bag can open flat.     For 7/8 and 4/4 cellos, but may be too tight on larger patterns.  Weight 7 pounds.  Black, Blue, Red, Caramel