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This section includes cases/covers for cellos and bows. Measure your cello, set your budget, and evaluate how rigorous your usage is. We’ll happily explain factors you might not have considered..

  • Bam HighTech L’Etoile

    This case is part of the HighTech series, so it’s light-weight and very protective with its ABS shell, Airex foam core, and suspension pads that are broad and dense.  It has the same dimensions as the Slim model, but the leather front makes it a little heavier — 9 lbs 14 oz with both shoulder straps.   Available in 9 colors, they are usually made to order.

  • Bam Latch replacement with video link

    Bam latches can be replaced, but you need to know which style you have on your case.    See pictures in the gallery.  Each latch comes with rivets and washers, as well as replacement soft velcro to cover hardware inside.  Let me add this:  You can help your latches have a long life if, after closing your case, you fasten the side latch under or nearest the handle first.  If this latches easily, your case is likely aligned all the way around and the others should also latch easily.  If you latch the top first and there is a problem with alignment that you don’t know about, latches will be stressed as you attempt to close the others around the case.   Don’t force it; find the problem. OK, now look at your case and see which of these three you need.

    #1   New style “soft touch” latches in black that say [bam] on them
    #2  Old style silver latches with keyhole for cases with aluminum coloring front and/or back
    #3  Old style latches in black.  Your latches may have keyholes, but available replacements do not

    Depending on date of purchase of the case, some latches will be replaced at no cost if you bought your case here.  Since any dealer who orders and sells Bam cases can also order latches, go there first and maybe there will also be no cost.  They are for sale here, though.

    LINK TO BAM VIDEO*latch+replacement+video*

  • Sale!

    Bam Newtech with Wheels

    The NT is an extremely strong case made with an ABS  shell and injected foam core.  Broad, thick dense suspension pads support the neck and bottom blocks — the strongest structural parts of the cello — for superior protection from vibration and impact.   The wheeling handle is integrated into the back of the scroll compartment.   Be aware cellos vary in contour and proportions, so we always confirm dimensions before shipping.  An in-shop visit is the best way to evaluate any case.   Shoulder straps are included, with comfy neoprene with secure carabiners.  Weight with wheels 12 lbs 11 oz.   1 Mint, 1 Terra Cotta in stock at sale price.  5/16/24

  • Bow case – Artino

    Artino’s bow case by Otto Musica is sized for a single cello bow, and will accommodate Arcus and Musinc bows which are a bit longer at 74 cm.   Made of aluminum, with padded lining, a soft fabric sleeve, and detachable shoulder strap.   We have transported over 200 grams of endpins in these cases on occasion, so they can safely transport your cello bow.   Colors: blue, red and brown.

  • Fiedler bow holder for case interior

    We are in the process of adding these magnetic bow holders to the offerings here at Cellos2Go.  If you are unhappy with your current holder, and the tip pocket is fine, you can replace  whatever velcro or snaps you have holding the frog.  Most case accessories are hot-glued in, so removing them just requires heat to melt the glue for removal.  If you are interested in adding an additional bow holder in the lid that will parallel the fingerboard, this should have the clearance you need — but you will need an additional tip pocket.   Keeping in mind case makers do not all use the same materials nor have the same clearances or shell thicknesses, results may vary.  When we get them in and get some first-hand experience, we’ll add details.  (ESG 4/30/24)


    We have positive remarks from cellists who have installed and used them for a few years.  So while they’re new to us, they have been in use for a while.  Most bow holders are hot glued in, so removing your current .

  • Gewa Air Rucksack & Music Pocket

    Designed specifically for the Gewa Air case with two D-rings at the neck and two at the lower bouts.  The music pocket is padded, breathable material.  Straps are padded and adjustable.  System easily detaches.   Look at our gallery photo to compare the D-ring placement on the Air and the Pure case, in case you wonder if you can use this on either case.

  • Gewa Pure with Wheels

    Please read the entry for Gewa Pure polycarbonate case to see more images and details.  The only differences between the two cases are addition of wheels and a wheeling handle making it slightly heavier at ~ 10.5 lbs.  Interior features, construct and shell are identical to the case without wheels.  If you have a short-pattern cello or a cello with shoulders that don’t fit well in fixed suspension padding, contact me to discuss your cello in this case.  These pads are more adjustable than you might expect.

  • Mirage Polycarb Wide (wheels)

    Otto Musica’s Mirage model 518W weighs 10.5 pounds, has a very strong shell, wheels, and a generous interior to fit some cellos with bouts or corners too wide for other cases in this price range.  There are 4 thick and 4 thin removable pads that run on a velcro track to adjust fit for a variety of cellos.  The tongue-in-groove seal closes with 6 latches.   The side and shoulder handles are roomy which is important for some cold-weather glove-wearing cellists.  See the photo gallery to see how your cello’s dimensions compare with this cello which is a very good fit for this case, when it did not fit in a variety of others here.   Blue (in stock), Black, White

  • Vivo Fiberglass case with wheels

    Fiberglass is sturdy, but heavy at 14 lbs.  It has wheels and a front-mounted pull handle.   The interior suspension padding is fixed, not adjustable.  Best fit is a cello with BL 760 mmm, upper bouts up to 345 mm, lower bouts up to 460 mm.  Cello contours vary, so these are guidelines.  Two shoulder straps attach to a single D ring on the upper back, thena D-ring at each lower bout.   Tongue-in-groove seal closes with nine latches, two of which lock.

  • Vivo Hybrid case with wheels

    Hybrid cello case with wheels weighs 10.2 pounds; shoulder straps add .8 lb.   Shell is textured, resembling linen, and is shown in Silver and Champagne.  There are 7 overcam latches, none lock.  Neck strap is velcro, scroll loop has an adustable clasp, and bow holders have zip closures. An accessory pocket is in the lid opposite the scroll.  The upper suspension pad supports the neck block, and is on a velcro track so if your cello is long or short, you can adjust the pad.  The lower pads are fixed, suspend under the bottom block, and curve up the lower sides so there are no additional pads required.  Pictured is a 7/8 cello with dimensions provided, and you can see the fit is fine with no C peg issue.   The largest cello we fit had Back length 763, UB 365 and LB 460 but the widest part is toward the bottom of the cello, so curvature matters.  Two shoulder straps attach to 2 D-rings on the upper back, connecting to D ring at the each lower bout.

  • Bow Case (2 bows) Pedi

    Pedi tubular bow case holds two cello bows (or viola/violin), zips closed. The adjustable shoulder carry strap can be tightened flat to the exterior. Rigid, well padded, with luggage tag attached, it’s a reliable way to travel or fly with your bows.   Total length is 31″ but we did some specific measuring which you can see in our gallery photo.    Available in black with brown contrasting trim, or brown with black trim.

  • Bobelock Soft Padded Bag

    Bobelock’s popular cello bag has a nylon canvas cover that resists water, and 1″ thick foam padding protects the cello from everyday bumps. There’s a music pocket on the back, accessory pocket and padded bow compartment on the front, and comfy adjustable backpack straps (not removable). Dual zippers meet on either side of the endpin to prevent sharp tips from damaging the zipper.  Check with us for color availability!

    The 4/4 size bag ($155) also fits 7/8 size cellos.
    The 3/4 size bag ($124)  maximum length 44″
    The 1/2 size bag ($100) maximum length 40″