Telephone or email

  • 518-527-5789 is our cell phone.  Please, no texts.
  • We prefer calls between 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., it’s not always possible to pick up the phone but your call will be returned promptly.  We often take calls after 8 p.m. so just try.  You can always leave a message.
  •    This method allows us to communicate no matter what time zone you may be in.  It also eliminates phone tag.  We ask that you provide your telephone number, just in case — especially if you have a rush order.  Be sure to add us to your address book so our mail reaches your “in” box.

Scheduling an Appointment

Hours are flexible, and we do schedule evenings and weekends when we can.  If you need to pick up an item, just browse, test drive cellos or bows, look at cases – call ahead to make sure we’re available, and the items you need are here.  We can usually schedule you quickly.   Keep in mind some cellos and bows may already be out on evaluation, so while they are in our inventory for sale they may not be in the shop.

If you don’t hear from us!!!

Some phone and email glitches are out of our control, so please try again!   If you typed an address other than we probably didn’t receive your inquiry.  If your voicemail is full or not set up, we can’t return your call.  If you didn’t add our email to your address book, the reply is likely sitting in your spam folder.  If you called from a cell phone while traveling in a zone with poor reception, we may not have been able to hear your message clearly.  There are a lot of things that have happened over the years…