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  • Alexanian – Complete Cello Technique

    The classic treatise on cello theory and practice.  This is an unabridged republication  of his 1922 classic.

  • A. Schroeder 170 Foundation Studies Volume 2

    Studies 81-137, selected and progressively arranged from the works of noted pedagogues, including Lee, Franchomme, Buchler, Dotzauer, Merk, Schroeder, Grutzmacher, Kummer..  Bowings and fingerings by Alwin Schroeder will likely differ from other etude collections of the same works.

  • A. Schroeder 170 Foundation Studies Volume 3

    Studies 138-170, selected from the works by Buchler, Merk, Piatti, Schroder, Duport, Cossmann, Servais, Piatti, Berteau,

  • A. Schroeder 170 Foundation Studies Volume 1

    Volume 1 has been re-edited by Richard Hughey; the original is no longer available.  It still includes Studies 1-80, and is not just for beginning students. You move through bass, tenor and treble clefs. It includes a collection of progressive studies from noted pedagogues.

  • Benoy & Burrowes The Second Year Violoncello Method

    12 lessons covering:Crossing strings in key of CFourth position in keys of G and C majorHalf position, first finger extensions backwards in Bb and F majorForward extensions in A and D majorSecond and third position

  • Benoy & Burrowes The First Year Violoncello Method

    15 lessons covering:Open strings and 1st finger notesFirst and second finger notes on D and A stringsBowing on successive open stringsFirst and third finger notes on G, D and A stringsBowing with two notes to the bowScales of G, D and C major

  • Benoy & Burrowes The Third Year Violoncello Method

    Ten lessons covering harmonics on A and D strings, tenor clef, 5th, 6th, 7th and thumb positions, tenor and treble clef

  • Benoy & Sutton Introduction to Thumb Position

    Known as “the purple book,” this is a book of pieces in tenor and treble clef to be played in thumb position.  If you are looking for instruction, principles, hand placement, posture, you need a precursor to this.

  • Bissinger Sequenced Scale Studies

    Students who don’t understand the relevance of scales in their practice may gain an appreciation through this book. Wendy Bissinger presents scales in a workbook style for beginners or early intermediate players without a strong grasp of scales, fingerboard geography, intervals, note identification. Major and relative minor scales range only to four flats and four sharps, from one to three octaves. Includes Circle of Fifths. It helps push you through a routine you may not be dedicated enough to pursue on your own.

  • Block – Contemporary Cello Etudes

    This collection is a vital exploration of 21st century cello techniques that every contemporary cellist should know when playing music outside the standard classical repertoire.  Chopping, pizzicato, improvisation, chords, ornaments, modes, polyrhythmic playing and more will prepare you for a variety of contexts: folk, jazz, funk, rock, world music.

  • Suzuki Cello Volume 10

    Cello part with piano reduction included.
    Boccherini/Gruetzmacher Concerto Bb major, complete with two cadenzas.