Endpin Holders (Rockstop)

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Rockstops keep a cello endpin from sliding, as well as providing protection for floors.

  • Smart Stop

    Smart Stop is a reliable rockstop with fun colors and  designs, but is discontinued so this is what’s left in stock.    HYBRID has a larger hole which accommodates cello and bass endpins.    Neon Yellow (1)   Solid colors:  White (2) , Plum (1), Antique Copper (1).    CELLO STOP has a smaller hole for cello endpin.  Solid colors:  Blue (2) , Yellow (1) ,  Red (1),  Purple (5).    Dinosaur (1)

  • Black Hole

    The Black Hole is a solid rubber disk that is concave on the bottom, tacky to the touch when clean, and sticks to most but not all (clean) floor surfaces.  The cup for the tip is 5/8″ in diameter and 3/8″ deep which only matters if you keep a rubber tip over your sharp endpin tip.  There is a hard plastic liner to protect sharp tips (like New Harmony’s) from piercing the rockstop.  Remember to renew the tacky surface by a warm water wash when dirt and particles stuck to it prevent it from slipping.

  • Xeros

    Xeros is a light-weight ABS plastic rockstop, 3″ square with a deep cup in the center to hold either a bare endpin tip or one with a rubber cap.  The bottom of the Xeros has rubber backing.  The webbed strap adjusts from 16″ to 29″ and has a 2″ D-shaped ring on the other end.  Place the chair leg through the ring to hold in place.

  • Artino Round resonating endpin holder

    Artino’s SP4W rockstop has a 3.5″ diameter round wood resonating chamber, .75 inch deep with non-skid backing.  The web strap extends from 24-43 inches and is detachable so the Artino can be used with or without strap.  The cup that holds the endpin is plastic lined to prevent sharp tips from penetrating.  If you keep a rubber tip over your endpin, be aware the cup is just over 5/8″ in diameter and only 2mm (less than 1/16″) deep.  The effectiveness of  the resonating chamber will vary with a room’s features and acoustic properties.

  • Artino Resonating Box endpin holder

    Artino’s rosewood “floor” sits on top of a resonating chamber and attaches to chair via an adjustable webbed strap.   The cello floor has dimples which will accommodate a bare endpin tip.  If you have a super sharp endpin tip, you can stick it anywhere in the wood for quick micro-adjustments.  Effectiveness of the resonating chamber will vary with a room’s features and acoustic properties.

  • Stoppin

    Stoppin is a clear rubber rockstop, 3″ square, has a concave tacky bottom to form a suction on most clean smooth surfaces.  Also works on carpets.  The top has a bubbled surface so you can easily adjust placement of your endpin.  This is not a good choice if you have an extremely sharp tip as it will eventually puncture and penetrate the rubber.
    Stoppin Small is half the size and half the price at $6.00

  • Vivacello endpin holder RED

    Vivacello is a small plastic rockstop with 3 round rubber feet for grip and stability, whether used on smooth surface floors or carpets.  Some people prefer the three points of contact with the floor instead of one round disk.  The brass cup in the center is too small to accommodate large rubber caps (like New Harmony) but will fit smaller ones, or bare tips.  RED in stock.

  • Artino Wood Endpin Holder

    Artino’s cello floor (SP20R) is made of walnut, and attaches to chair leg with an adjustable webbed strap.   There are 3 dimples in the wood for placement with or without rubber tip, and one with ABS plastic for carbide tips.  The 2 holes on the other end allow for quick length adjustments by lifting the chair leg and placing it in the alternate hole.  The bottom of the Artino has rubber padding affixed so it won’t slip or make noise against a hard-surface floor.   If you play on the same chair all the time, multiple holes probably aren’t necessary.  But if you play in different venues, changing chair heights and straight or angled legs, it’s easier to leave the strap adjustment and move your endpin to the best hole.