LARSEN Il Cannone

Two new sets that have different properties but work well together:  Direct & Focused  and  Warm & Broad.  Larsen started this series with a special launch set which consists of 6 strings, price $366.   You get a set of D&F with a complimentary A and C of W&B.  This gives you an opportunity to substitute one upper and lower string, which should help you decide which flavor you ultimately prefer.      Here's Larsen's link

All 8 strings are now available for individual purchase, or you can order a launch set to mix and match.  We are useless as far as being able to describe how these strings are going to sound on your cello.  Even the Larsen site can only speak to the properties and results of its famous users.  But results vary with cello, player and their ears.  Some things just have to be experienced in person and this is one of them.

A   $54.00    Stainless steel on steel core          Specify Direct & Focused  or Warm & Broad when ordering, can mix and match all strings

D   $61.50    Stainless steel on steel core

G  $118.50   Tungsten wound rope core

C  $132.00   Tungsten wound rope core

Set $366.00   available in 4/4 only, one tension