Our changing inventory includes new and previously-owned cellos.  Sound and characteristics of an instrument reveal themselves as each player brings their own skill set to the cello, and what each person perceives and prefers can vary.  Thus we do not attempt to describe the sound of an instrument when it can change with player, bow, strings - elements we explore with you here.

Cellos vary in body style and dimensions, so if you have trouble playing comfortably, or in tune, we should discuss this.  Pricing can vary on the same model cello due to differences in setup.  Some cellos are one-of-a-kind while others are routinely ordered, but may not always be in stock or on the site.  Contact us -- it's the best way to get current information.   Price range typically from $1700-$30,000.

Samuel Shen

This model 200 with carved spruce top, willow back and ribs, is our most affordable cello.  The willow is a bit exotic looking and the cellos have a warm tone.  Setup on this cello includes Pegheds for ease of tuning, Despiau French bridge, upgraded soundpost, Wittner tailpiece, fingerboard planed.

Back length 76.5cm
Upper bouts 35cm
Lower bouts 44cm
String length 70.5cm

Additional Info

  • Price $1850.00


This new model should be ready before the end of September.  Features Pegheds so far... it's a work in progress so stay tuned!  Price is an estimate and will ultimately depend on the parts selected for setup.

Back length 76 cm
Upper bouts 35.5 cm
Lower bouts 44.5 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $2,200.00

Scott Cao 7/8

Model 750E in 7/8 size is a Stradivari pattern made of European tonewoods.  It is one of many cellos arriving in October and will need to be set up before it's available for sale.    Price is an estimate and depends on ultimate setup.

Additional Info

  • Price $3,200.00

Scott Cao 750E Guadagnini

The Guadagnini pattern 4/4 cello features an Italian spruce top, European maple back and ribs.  This cello is set up with ebony pegs, Akusticus tailpiece, NHM composite fitting with 8mm CF endpin, Belgian bridge.  Larsen AD with Flexocore silver-tungsten GC.    Let us explain how this pattern is sort of a cross-over between 7/8 and 4/4 dimensions, and why it may be the perfect size for you.

Back Length 71.5 cm
Upper Bouts  34 cm
Center Bouts 25.5 cm
Lower Bouts  42 cm
String Length  68.5 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $3,200.00

Scott Cao 750E Montagnana

Awaiting its turn for setup, this Montagnana pattern should be ready later in October.  The top is Italian spruce, the two-piece back and ribs are of European maple.  Ultimate pricing will be determined by its setup, as we have a variety of parts from which to choose!

Ernst Henrich Roth

Made in Germany (Bubenreuth/Erlanger) 1982, this cello is looking for a new home.  Contact us for more details or to schedule an appointment for test drive.
Back length 76 cm
Upper bouts  35 cm
Center bouts  24 cm
Lower bouts  44 cm
String length  70 cm

Scott Cao 850 Montagnana

Copy of a Montagnana 1739, this cello's enhanced setup features Pegheds, Belgian bridge, 6-degree angle NHM fitting with 10mm endpin* (endpin options available). 
Back length 75 cm
Upper bouts 37 cm
Center bouts 26 cm
Lower bouts 44.5 cm
String length 69.5 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $5,500.00

Scott Cao 850 Guadagnini

This popular 4/4 model should be set up and ready to audition by mid-October.  Players wanting a small cello but not a 7/8 migrate to this pattern.  The 850 features Italian spruce top with Bosnian maple back and ribs.  Our setup usually includes Pegheds and we like to select from a variety of endpins, tailpieces and strings here so not every cello is the same, and can be fine-tuned to your preferences.  Pricing will depend on the ultimate setup.

Back length 71.5 cm
Upper bouts 34 cm
Center bouts  25.5 cm
Lower bouts 42 cm
String length 68 cm


Additional Info

  • Price $5,400.00

Heinrich Gill 334

Model 334 made in Germany, 2012.  Impeccably cared for by previous owner.  Two-piece top of mountain spruce, two-piece back of European tonewood.  Set-up includes a Dov Schmidt "harp" tailpiece, Perfection pegs.  The C peg to the set is available should you prefer it to the Posture Peg.  NHM composite fitting with 10mm CF endpin. 

Back length 765 mm
Upper bouts 350 mm
Lower bouts 450 mm
String length  695 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $6,500.00

H&G Professional Series

This European instrument is hand-finished inside and out by Damir Horvat exclusively for Cellos2Go.  Each cello's varnish is unique in color.  The premium setup on this cello includes Pegheds, French bridge, 6-degree angle NHM fitting with Cube Acoustics alloy 10mm endpin, Horvat custom tailpiece, and a Krentz modulator.

Back length  76.5 cm
Upper bouts  36 cm
Lower bouts  44.5 cm
String length  69.5 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $8,000.00

Heinrich Gill 394

Montagnana pattern, model 394 made in Germany, 2006.  Enhancements include Pegheds, Frirsz tailpiece. 

Back length 75.2 cm
Upper bouts 36.5 cm
Lower bouts 45.8 cm
String length 70 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $12,000

Damir Horvat

Hand-made cello by Damir Horvat, a third-generation maker who also studied with Carl Becker in Chicago.  This unique cello has a cedar top, big leaf maple back and ribs.  Setup includes Pegheds, custom tailpiece, and the NHM fitting accommodates a range of 10mm endpins from ultralight carbon fiber to heavy tuned alloy.  Schedule an appointment to experience this fine instrument!

Back length 76 cm
Upper bouts 36 cm
Lower bouts 45.5 cm
String length 69 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $22,000.00

Damir Horvat

Hand-made cello by Damir Horvat.  The top is of Sitka spruce; the two-piece back and ribs are of big leaf maple.  Finished in a dark spirit varnish with faux ivory nut and saddle.  Cello features Pegheds, custom tailpiece.  Endpin fitting by NHM accommodates a 10mm endpin, and cellists report differences in tone depending on whether they install carbon fiber or Cube Acoustics alloy endpin.  Come play!  Damir is a third-generation maker from Croatia, trained with Carl Becker before ending up in Columbia.  Schedule a visit to experience his fine cellos!

Back length 755 mm
Upper bouts 345 mm
Lower bouts 445 mm
String length 715 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $25,000.00

Damir Horvat Balestrieri model

This unique cello started with an 1800's cello top that survived when the rest of the cello did not -- likely Hungarian or Czech.   New ribs and back were hand-made and finished to match the top.   The pattern most closely resembling a Balestrieri.  Setup features Pegheds, asymmetrical pernambuco hybrid tailpiece, 10mm endpin.  Beautiful, full tone with quick response!

Back length 76 cm
Upper bouts 35 cm
Lower bouts 44 cm
String length 71.5 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $20,000

William Moennig & Sons

Cello from the the workshops of William Moennig & Son, Philadelphia, 1988.  Excellent condition. Two-piece spruce top cut on the quarter, two-piece maple back, rosewood pegs fittings.  Available for trial here in Columbia.
Back length 76 cm
Upper bouts 34.2 cm
Lower bouts 44 cm
String length 69.8 cm


Additional Info

  • Price $24,000.00

Paolo Vettori

Italian hand-made cello by Paolo Vettori, Firenzi, 1984.  Bam case included.   Described most recently by a cellist as a soloist's instrument, a "race horse." 

Back Length 75.5 cm
Upper Bouts  35 cm
Lower Bouts 43.4 cm
String Length 69.2 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $30,000.00

German unknown maker

Coming attractions . . . Strad pattern cello made in Germany is undergoing restoration.  It had a sweet sound when it showed up, and will sound even better when it's healthy again with some upgraded parts!  Hoping to have this ready by the end of October.

Edward Campbell

Coming attractions . . . this hand-made cello from Chimney's Violin Shop was owned by Dr. Richard Maag throughout his career.  This is more significant to people in South Carolina -- Furman U in particular -- and Colorado.  Currently undergoing some minor restoration after being in hibernation, it will be available as soon as the work is completed.

Damir Horvat

SOLD  Hand-made cello with a one-piece birds eye maple back, Sitka spruce top.  It is based on a Goffriller pattern. 

Back length  77 cm
Upper bouts  36 cm
Lower bouts  46 cm
String length  69.5 cm

Damir Horvat M

SOLD - This cello is based on a Montagnana pattern.  The one-piece back is of birdseye silver maple, and the two piece top is of Sitka spruce.  Oil-based varnish is dark brown and is but one factor in this cello's rich tone.  Features Pegheds, a custom Horvat tailpiece, Japanese bell alloy endpin.


Vivo Guadagnini

Guadagnini model made in China has top carved of Russian Spruce, ribs and back of European maple, finished with dark brown varnish.  Cello features Pegheds, a Horvat custom tailpiece, NHM fitting for 10mm endpin so you can choose from hollow or solid carbon fiber, or upgrade to a Cube Acoustics alloy endpin.  The Guad is the model of choice for players wanting a 4/4 size that is smaller, has a shorter playable string length, without sacrificing sound.

Back length 72 cm
Upper bouts 33.5 cm
Center bouts 25 cm
Lower bouts 42 cm
String length 68.5cm

Additional Info

  • Price $5,500.00

Scott Cao Montagnana

Model 750E in the Montagnana pattern is arriving early October, will be set up here.  This cello features Italian spruce top with European maple back and ribs, and other than Pegheds we haven't yet decided what the setup will include this time.  Stay tuned for more details and final pricing.  Cellos of this model previously have had the dimensions: 

Back length 75 cm
Upper bouts 37 cm
Lower bouts 44.5 cm
String length 69.7

Additional Info

  • Price $3,200.00