Our changing inventory includes new and previously-owned cellos.  Sound and characteristics of an instrument reveal themselves as each player brings their own skill set to the cello, and what each person perceives and prefers can vary.  Thus we do not attempt to describe the sound of an instrument when it can change with player, bow, strings - elements we explore with you here.

Cellos vary in body style and dimensions, so if you have trouble playing comfortably, or in tune, we should discuss this.  Pricing can vary on the same model cello due to differences in setup.  Some cellos are one-of-a-kind while others are routinely ordered, but may not always be in stock or on the site.  Contact us -- it's the best way to get current information.   Price range typically from $1700-$30,000.

Damir Horvat P

Hand-made cello by Damir Horvat features a one-piece poplar back with two-piece Sitka spruce top.  This is a large pattern cello with a robust sound.  Setup includes Pegheds, Belgian bridge, custom pernambuco tailpiece, and the 10mm endpin options broaden the tonal palette.  Available here for audition now. 

Back length  745 mm
Upper bouts  363 mm
Center bouts  275 mm
Lower bouts  445 mm
String length  703 mm


Additional Info

  • Price $25,000

J. Neumann 3/4

An advancing cellist has moved out of his 3/4 J.I. Strings cello to one of our cellos so this J. Neumann model 35 is on the market.  It features an enhanced setup with Belgian bridge (Benning Violins), Larsen-Spirocore, NHM 10mm endpin set.  The outfit includes a Bucci CF bow and a hard case.   Contact us for more details.

Back length  693 mm
Upper bouts 320 mm
Lower bouts 410 mm
String length  632 mm

Scott Cao 7/8

Model 750E in 7/8 size is a Stradivari pattern made of European tonewoods.  Setup includes Pegheds, NHM fitting with CF 10mm enpin, Belgian bridge.  If you are moving from a 3/4, this is the next size up but you may wish to consider a 4/4 Guadagnini model which has a similar back length but varies in other ways.  We us explain or better yet, some in and compare them both.

Back length 72.5 cm
Upper bouts  33.5 cm
Lower bouts  42.5 cm
String length 67.2 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $3,400.00


New Zetoni is ready to go!  It's set up with Pegheds, Belgian bridge, NHM fitting with 10mm hollow carbon fiber endpin, Akusticus tailpiece. 
Back length 760mm
Upper bouts  355 mm
Lower bouts  445 mm
String length 698 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $2,700.00

Scott Cao 750E R

The popular model 750E is made in a variety of body styles, and this is a copy of a Giuseppe Rocca 1854 cello.  Made of European tonewoods, its premium setup includes Pegheds, NHM 6-degree angled fitting for 10mm endpin -- and we have several options here (alloy, titanium, hollow and solid carbon fiber, x-long lengths).  Soundpost, French bridge and custom tailpiece by Damir Horvat.  

Back length 760 mm
Upper bouts 355 mm
Lower bouts 450 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $3,500.00

Scott Cao Guadagnini

SOLD!   This particular model 750E Guadagnini was set up with the most popular upgrades here:  Pegheds, Horvat tailpiece, Cube Acoustics endpin in NHM fitting, Belgian bridge, Versum and Perpetual Edition strings.  We have more on order, but there is no ETA at this moment.
Back length  720 mm
Upper bouts  340 mm
Lower Bouts  420 mm
String length  682 mm

Scott Cao 850

Artistic Series handmade cello from the Scott Cao workshop is a copy of G.B. Gudagnini 1777.   Top is Italian spruce, back and ribs are Bosnian maple.  Premium setup includes Pegheds, custom tailpiece by Damir Horvat, Despiau French bridge, NHM composite fitting with 10mm endpin.  This is a shorter pattern 4/4 with a generous sound box and very comfortable string length.

Additional Info

  • Price $5,500.00

Scott Cao 850 M

Copy of a Montagnana 1739 has a two-piece Italian spruce top with Bosnian maple ribs and two-piece back.  This cello's enhanced setup features Pegheds, Belgian bridge, 6-degree angle NHM fitting with 10mm CF endpin* (Endpin upgrade options include hollow CB, X-long CF rods, Cube Acoustics alloy, Memminger titanium).   
Upper bouts 37 cm
Center bouts 26 cm
Lower bouts 44.5 cm
String length 69.5 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $5,500.00

Horvat & Gunst

Here's a sneak peak of our next H&G which is on its way to Chuck Herin's for Pegheds, then back to Damir  to complete his hand varnish, followed by setup.  Within a few weeks it should be available for sale with updated details.

Henry Richard Knopf

Made in 1903, New York by German maker Henry Richard Knopf.  Cello is healthy, restored, and features PegHeds, a Horvat tailpiece, Chris Dungey endpin.  Contact us for more details.

Back length 760 mm
Upper bouts  340 mm
Lower bouts  430 mm
String length  717 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $10,000.00

German unknown maker

Carved Strad pattern cello made c. 1920-1940, stamped Germany at bottom rib, has undergone restoration and is ready for evaluation.  While tailpiece and fittings can be upgraded, with so many options available it might make sense for the new owner to decide to leave as-is or not. 

Back length 760 mm
Upper bouts 348 mm
Lower bouts 440 mm
String length  690 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $10,000

Roman Teller

Roman Teller, 1965 Erlangen, Germany is available for audition here.  It
Back length 760 mm
Upper bouts  350 mm
Lower bouts 440 mm
String length 700 mm


Additional Info

  • Price $10,000

Heinrich Gill 394

Model 394 Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty" pattern made in Bubenreuth, Germany, 2006.   Cello is in excellent condition, having had one previous owner.  Deep, full sound.  Setup includes Frirsz tailpiece, NHM composite fitting with 10mm endpin, Versum strings, French bridge 

Back length 750 mm
Upper bouts 365 mm
Center bouts 260 mm
Lower bouts 460 mm
String length 700mm



Additional Info

  • Price $11,000.00

Kohnemann 1859

In case you are interested in a cello with a past, this Diedrich Kohnemann hand-made German cello has just arrived.   Contact us for information on this special cello.  While available for sale as is (under $20,000) , the cello will benefit from restorative work.  It is in line, but we hate to not let you know about the cello because it is playable and thus can be evaluated as long as you know the details behind it.  Cello has some wonderful workmanship.   It is not a cello we will ship for evaluation.  
Back length 750 mm
Upper bouts  340 mm
Lower bouts 435 mm
String length  700 mm

Additional Info

  • Price 0.00


From the workshop of Johann Koberling, Germany, 2002.  Cello has been well cared for by the original owner, and is now consigned with us as it seeks a new home.  Setup done at Sachs. 
Back length 760 mm
Upper bouts360 mm
Lower bouts 440 mm
String length 690 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $13,000.00

Damir Horvat M

Based on a Montagnana pattern, slightly reduced in size,  revealing its power and brilliance as it plays in.  It takes a more aggressive attack. Cellists wanting a slightly smaller cello without sacrificing sound will appreciate the comfort factor with back and string length.    Setup includes Pegheds, Belgian bridge, a custom tailpiece, and the NHM composite fitting accommodates an 8mm endpin so you can start with carbon fiber or upgrade to a Cube Acoustics or Japanese bell alloy endpin. 

Back length 735 mm
Upper bouts 355 mm
Lower bouts 440 mm
String length 695 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $22,000.00

Damir Horvat C

Handmade cello features a cedar top, big leaf maple back and a beautiful custom tailpiece which all contribute to its beautiful tone.  Setup includes Pegheds, French bridge, NHM fitting for 8mm endpin which allows you to choose from carbon fiber, Japanese bell alloy, or Cube Acoustics endpins depending on the resonance and nuancing you prefer.  Note the string length if you are a player hoping for a more comfortable left hand. 
Back length  760 mm
Upper bouts 360mm
Center bouts 350 mm
Lower bouts 455 mm
String length 690 mm

William Moennig & Sons

Cello from the the workshops of William Moennig & Son, Philadelphia, 1988.  Excellent condition. Two-piece spruce top cut on the quarter, two-piece maple back, rosewood pegs fittings.  Available for trial here in Columbia.
Back length 76 cm
Upper bouts 34.2 cm
Lower bouts 44 cm
String length 69.8 cm


Additional Info

  • Price $24,000.00

Paolo Vettori 1984

Italian hand-made cello by Paolo Vettori, Firenzi, 1984.  The former (and only) owner was a cellist with the Augusta Symphony, and enjoyed this cello during her career there.   Bam case included.  

Back Length 75.5 cm
Upper Bouts  35 cm
Lower Bouts 43.4 cm
String Length 69.2 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $30,000.00

H&G Professional Series

This European instrument is hand-finished inside and out by Damir Horvat exclusively for Cellos2Go.  The premium setup on this cello includes Pegheds, French bridge, 6-degree angle NHM fitting with Cube Acoustics alloy 10mm endpin, Horvat custom tailpiece, and a Krentz modulator.  We have another in the works, so stay tuned.  Each has a unique varnish and character. 

Back length  76.5 cm
Upper bouts  36 cm
Lower bouts  44.5 cm
String length  69.5 cm

Additional Info

  • Price $8,000.00


Hand-made cello by Marten Cornelissen, Op. 133 (1972).  This cello has had one owner and is in excellent condition, having just been examined by Nicholas Frirsz before arriving here.  Come and experience this fine instrument!

Back length  750 mm
Upper bouts  345 mm
Loqwe bouts  445 mm
String length  695 mm

Additional Info

  • Price $40,000

Edward Campbell 1977

Coming attractions . . . this hand-made cello from Chimney's Violin Shop was owned by Dr. Richard Maag throughout his career.  This is more significant to people in South Carolina -- Furman U in particular -- and Colorado.  It is scheduled to undergo some minor restoration after being in hibernation, and will be available as soon as the work is completed.