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  • Arcus Series

    Models M, T and S of the same level number have the same price, but have different weights and characterists.   With each change in level, different refinements in the bow technology and materials behave differently in the player’s hand.    With so many models, levels, and sometimes the option of round or octagonal sticks, we cannot stock all items.  Call us for more information, and we will discuss bow trials.

    Arcus 6  Silver
    Arcus 7  Silver
    Arcus 8  Silver   and   Gold
    Arcus 9  Silver   and   Gold

  • Klaus Grunke

    Master bow by Klaus Grunke, Germany.  Octagonal pernambuco stick, silver mounted, 81.4 grams

  • Penzel

    Octagonal pernambuco stick, gold-mount ivory frog, bearing the stamp “K. Gerhard Penzel” between a pair of horizontal treble clefs.  Weight 84g.  Previously owned, excellent condition.

  • John E. Sipe

    Gold-mount bow, octagonal pernambuco stick, weight 81g, ebony frog, stamped JOHN E. SIPE.  Previously owned, excellent condition.

  • Unstamped German c.1920

    Believed to be made in Germany.  Pernambuco stick is round, silver and ebony frog with round eyes, solid silver capped button.  Good condition.  Weight 72.6g  More details upon request.