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  • Alexandro Carvalho (Ni)

    Ipe wood stick is round with a half-lined ebony frog, nickel mounted.  Weight 80.7 g.  Made in Brazil and stamped by the maker.

  • Camilo Herculano

    Pernambuco stick, round, with full-lined snakewood frog, nickel mounted.  Stamped by the maker, Camilo Herculano.  Made in Brazil.  Weight 81.6 g

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    H. Cirilo (Ni)

    Brazilian bow from L’Archet, round Ipe wood stick with full-lined ebony frog.  Nickel mounted.  79.7 g

  • Hofner

    Higher quality brazilwood bow by Karl Hofner bearing stamp HOFNER above the frog and GERMANY under the slide.  Bow is octagonal with full-lined ebony frog, nickel-silver mounted.  82.4 g

  • J. Fornaciari

    Half-lined Ipe wood bow made in Brazil has a round stick, nickel-mounted ebony frog, weight of 80.5g

  • Jacques Pascal

    Round pernambuco stick, 81.7 g.  Made in the Czech Republic

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    JR Silva (Ni)

    Bow made in Brazil has an Ipe wood round stick, full-lined ebony frog, stamped by the maker.  80.5 g

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    JR Silva Ni

    Made in Brazil from Ipe wood, an excellent alternative to pernambuco as its supplies dwindle.  These bows are nickel mounted, may be full- or half-lined, and are available in a variety of weights.  When you are shopping this price point, we will tell you all your options.

  • Juliano Oliveira (Ni)

    Ipe wood is a wood many bowmakers are using as pernambuco supplies dwindle as it is very similar in character and response.  This bow has a round Ipe stick and nickel-mounted ebony frog, half-lined, weight 81.g.  (Brazil)

  • L’Archet Brasil Ni

    A change in pernumbuco exportation has caused bowmakers to move to alternate woods which can be crafted and perform as well. We are starting to offer Ipe wood by the same makers whose pernambuco bows we have sold for years. These bows are nickel mounted — full or half-lined — and appointed with the same details Whether you visit the shop or have an array of bows sent to you, you can compare Ipe to others across your price range.

  • Musing C2

    Related to Arcus , the Musing is a more affordable line of their carbon fiber bows.  The C2 has a round stick, nickel-silver mounted ebony frog.  Target weight 75 grams.

  • Musing C3

    Creator of Arcus bows, Bernd Musing, offers a more affordable line of carbon bows under his own name.  This model uses less resin and more carbon fiber fibers woven in 3-D for more wood-like resonance.  Also different about this model a screw that’s easier to turn with edges instead of the usual octagonal design.  Mounted with stainless, with a modern frog.  Made in Germany, with a 15-year warranty on the stick, 2-year warranty on the frog. Wt ~ 75 g