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    Bernd Dimbath Ruggieri

    Cello here for consigned sale is a German cello made by Bernd Dimbath, 2009.  The model of 444, Ruggieri pattern.  Photos and details will be coming shortly.

  • Edward Campbell

    Hand-made cello, 1977, by Edward Campbell of Chimney’s Violin Shop in PA.  It had one owner, Richard Maag, and the cello sat after he passed.  Some restorative work has been performed at Horvat Fine Violins here, with care taken to keep its Chimney’s Bridge as a tribute to the maker.  It has geared Boxwood pegs, a Horvat tailpiece, and it is going to find its voice again.  Mr. Campbell was a master luthier and winner of many VSA awards.
    Back length 760 mm
    Upper bouts 350 mm
    Lower bouts 450 mm
    String length 700 mm

  • Henry Richard Knopf

    Made in 1903, New York by German maker Henry Richard Knopf and is healthy after restoration.  It features PegHeds, a Horvat tailpiece, Chris Dungey endpin.  Contact us for more details.
    Back length 760 mm
    Upper bouts  340 mm
    Lower bouts  430 mm
    String length  715 mm

  • Heinrich Gill Montagnana

    “Sleeping Beauty” Montagnana pattern  (2006) from Heinrich Gill, Germany.  Cello is set up with a French bridge, Frirsz alloy harp tailpiece, NHM composite fitting with 10mm CF endpin, Versum strings.  Responsive, strong projection, clear tone.
    Back length  750 mm
    Upper bouts 365 mm
    Lower bouts 460 mm
    String length 700 mm

  • Damir Horvat

    Handmade cello by Damir Horvat based on Vuillaume features a top of plank-cut Port Oxford Cedar.  The two-piece back and ribs are of big leaf maple, and it is finished with an antiqued oil varnish.    Setup includes Pegheds, French bridge, custom tailpiece from African burlwood, NHM composite fitting for 10mm endpin — and there are a number from which to choose.
    Back length  760 mm
    Upper bouts 360mm
    Center bouts 350 mm
    Lower bouts 455 mm
    String length 690 mm