Cello Ensembles

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  • Bendik/Storck Easy Cello Duets II (2 cellos)

    Leighte Cello-Duette.  One book with both parts in score form. Pieces by Mozart, Schumann, Beethoven, von Weber, Cherubini, Haydn, Stamitz, Offenbach, Bartok, Hindemith, Orff  [ED5277]

  • Bissinger Folk Songs from the British Isles (4 cellos)

    Includes parts and score. Parts are graded, Cello I and I require knowledge of tenor and treble clef

  • Dona Nobis Pacem (4 cellos)

    Arranged by Wendy Bissinger.  Includes parts and score. Cello I and II briefly read treble, but the range is barely above the A harmonic. Cello III bass clef through 4th position. Cello IV can be played in 1st position

  • Michael Finnigin for 3 cellos

    A study in key changes, chromatic progressions, and left hand positions! Cello I tenor clef, Cello II and III bass clef, everyone gets 2 sharps, 3 flats, 4 sharps, 1 flat, 6 sharps . . . tee hee.  Arranged by Wendy Bissinger.

  • Bissinger American Folk Songs (4 cellos)

    Shenandoah, All the Pretty Little Horses, Erie Canal, Simple Gifts.  Cello I and II require knowledge of tenor clef. Includes parts and score.

  • Christmas Carols for Cellos (3 cellos, 4 cellos)

    Arranged by Wendy Bissinger, this single volume includes arrangements for both 3 and 4 cellos.  See the breakdown below.  Each booklet is presented with all parts in score form, which allows for easily switching to other parts if you are repeating carols.  *See note about Big Note Carols (at bottom)

    For 3 cellos:  Jingle Bells, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Away in the Manger, The First Noel, Silent Night, Carol of the Bells, Deck the Halls, Ding Dong Merrily on High, Carol of the Bells, O Come Emmanuel,

    For 4 cellos:  Joy to the World, Huron Carol, Christ is Born, Silent Night, What Child is This, We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  Some pieces have a part in tenor or treble clef, others are in bass clef.  It fits a variety of skill sets.

    BIG NOTE CAROLS is a companion book with each cello’s part in a separate booklet, with larger font, for beginners.   11 of the 16 total carols are included in this volume, so both books can be used at the same time to accommodate groups of mixed abilities.   It has its own listing – this is just an alert that it exists.

  • Corelli Christmas Concerto from Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 8 (4 cellos)

    Arranged by Wendy Bissinger. Cellos I and II require fluency in tenor and treble clef. III and IV stay in bass clef but with some fast passage work. Ideal for the Christmas season, the three movement work includes the Grave/Allegro, Adagio/Vivace, and Allegro.

  • Boccherini Adagio and Allegro in A (4 cellos)

    Arranged by Laszlo Varga. Includes parts and score. (MC-47)

  • Boccherini Sonata in C major (2 cellos)

    Edited by Bazelaire. The volume includes two booklets, each with both parts in score form.  [IMC #1448]

  • Boccherini Concerto Bb major (2 cellos)

    #3628  This includes the complete cello solo, newly edited by Daniel Morganstern with commentary and preparatory exercises. The Cello II part by Elaine Fine takes the place of the piano reduction.

  • Boismortier Six Duets for 2 Cellos Op. 40 (Ruf)

    This is a single book with both parts in score form.  All duets are written in bass clef, do not require positions above fourth, and are popular with cellists with similar skill sets.  A variety of accessible keys and time signatures within your comfortable note range.

  • Boismortier Three Sonaten for 3 Cellos

    More advanced material with Cello I in treble and tenor, Cello II and III in tenor and bass clefs. Ornamentation. Parts, no score.   Edited by Thomas-Mifune.  [GM 1186]