Cello with Piano

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  • Beethoven Sonatas for Cello and Piano (Urtext)

    (Henle 894) Edited by Dufner.  Includes 2 cello parts – one annotated with fingerings and bowings by Geringas, one clean copy so you can create your own performance edition.  Maintains material from the critical edition

  • Beethoven Complete Variations for cello and piano (Starker)

    12 variations on a theme from Handel’s Judas Maccabaeus, 12 variations on a theme from Mozart’s Magic Flute, 7 variations on a theme from Mozart’s Magic Flute.  Great Performer’s Edition.

  • Beethoven Variations for Piano and Violoncello

    Urtext edition.  Judas Maccabaus WoO 45, Magic Flute Op. 66, Magic Flute WoO 46.  Includes two cellos parts, one annotated and a clean copy for you to make your own performance edition.  [HEN 913]

  • Beethoven Seven Variations from “Die Zauberflote” WoO 46

    #665   Variations on “Bei Mannern”

  • Beethoven Sonatas for cello and piano

    Five sonatas edited by Janos Starker – Great Performer’s Edition

  • Beethoven Sonata, Op. 64

    This sonata for cello & piano  is an arrangement of String Trio Op. 3 (1792).   Originally in E flat, transcribed to D major and edited by Laszlo Varga.   [MC-20]

  • Beethoven Variations

    WoO 45 , Op. 66, WoO 45  Urtext with critical commentary.  Edited by Jonathan Del Mar.

  • Beethoven Sonatas

    BA 9012.  Urtext edition of complete sonatas with critical commentary.

  • Beethoven Sonata Op. 5 No 1 F major

    Henle urtext edition includes one annotated cello part (fingerings by Geringas), and one clean cello part to make your own performance edition.

  • 7 Sonatine

    Selected and edited by Pejtsik.
    Beethoven:  Sonatina C minor WoO 43,
    Sonatina G major (Kinsky Anh. 5/1
    J. Haydn Sonatina C major Hob. XI, No. 107, 110
    Sonatina G major Hob. XI No. 73
    W.A. Mozart Sonatina F Major K.V. 487/1, 10, 12
    Sonatina G major K.V. 439b/III, V, IV
    Schubert  Sonata D major D.284

  • Berteau Sonata in G major (Sammartini)

    #2093  Formerly attributed to Sammartini, this edition is now credited to Berteau.   This edition has recently been resized to a smaller font,  more staves per page.  Just a heads-up if this matters to you.  Schott’s edition is easier on the eyes.