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  • 7/8 size Vivo Euro

    Made of European tonewoods, this 7/8 is set up with Pegheds, a Belgian bridge, Akusticus tailpiece, composite fitting by NHM for 8mm endpin.  Be aware that there is a lot of variation in 7/8 cello dimensions.   Contact us to learn more about considerations and options when you find 4/4 too large for you.
    Back length  730 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  420 mm
    String length  680 mm

  • Ariana 7/8 size

    We sell this model, but it is not in stock currently.  We show it because people looking at 7/8 cellos should be aware of the differences in dimensions, string length, and contours of the many 7/8 cellos on the market.  There is not one 7/8 size, but a range.  Contact us for more information, please.

    Back length  735 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  420 mm
    String length  678 mm

  • Scott Cao 7/8 size

    Cellists moving up from a 3/4, or downsizing from a too-large 4/4 may want to consider the 7/8 size.  It is about proportions — yours and the cello’s — for the best fit.   This 7/8 Scott Cao model 017 is made of Chinese spruce and maple, has had Pegheds installed, and is set up with a Despiau French bridge, Akusticus tailpiece, NHM composite fitting and 8mm CF endpin.   7/8 size cellos vary in dimensions between makers and models.  This particular cello has these dimensions:

    Back length  725 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  425 mm
    String length  670 mm
    Depth  120-125mm