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  • 7/8 size Andreas Eastman 200

    Cello made in 2009 has had one previous owner, and just came back to us in excellent condition.  After a quick trip to get Pegheds and freshen things up, it will be available!  If you are moving up from a 3/4 or are perhaps 5’5″ or shorter and 4/4 cellos feel disproportionate to you, consider the 7/8 size.  This model has narrow lower bouts, so if you have short legs you’ll find this comfortable.
    Back length 715 mm
    Upper bouts  330 mm
    Lower bouts  410 mm
    String length  670 mm

  • 7/8 size Vivo Euro

    Made of European tonewoods, this 7/8 is set up with Pegheds, a Belgian bridge, Akusticus tailpiece, composite fitting by NHM for 8mm endpin.  Be aware that there is a lot of variation in 7/8 cello dimensions.   Contact us to learn more about considerations and options when you find 4/4 too large for you.
    Back length  730 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  420 mm
    String length  680 mm

  • Scott Cao 7/8 size

    Cellists moving up from a 3/4, or downsizing from a too-large 4/4 may want to consider the 7/8 size.  It is about proportions — yours and the cello’s — for the best fit.  This one has had Pegheds installed, and is awaiting setup, so check back.

    Back length  725 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  422 mm
    String length ~ 675 mm
    Depth  118-125mm