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    Fuentes – La Bikina mariachi (5 cellos)

    Arranged by Jorge Espinoza. Parts are of uneven difficulty. Cello 1 needs fluency in tenor clef and upper positions. Other parts remain in bass clef but have different challenges like double stops not against open strings, rhythmic issues. Cello 5 requires fluency through 4 position, but Cello 4 is easier.

  • Piazzolla – Libertango (4 cellos, 5 cellos)

    Arranged by Jorge Espinoza for 4 cellos with optional cello 5. All parts are written in bass clef with Cellos I and II being the most demanding. Good for a group with mixed abilities. Includes parts with score. (Link to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POPNSJeIPmA)

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    Romberg Sonata e minor (5 cellos)

    First movement of Op. 38-1 arranged for five cellos by Jorge Espinoza. Cello I play the solo line, others accompany. Cellos II-IV should be fluent through 4th position, V a lower range but equally demanding rhythmically. Includes parts with score.

  • Tchaikovsky – Andante Cantabile Op. 11 (5 cellos)

    Arranged by Laszlo Varga from the original key to C major for solo and 4-cello accompaniment.  The 4th part has divisi sections, which accounts for the 5th cello option.

  • Vivaldi Concerto in G Minor for 2 cellos arr. for 5 cellos

    Cello I and II play the solo parts, and the other three cellos provide accompaniment.  Includes parts with score.