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  • Dotzauer 113 Studies Book I

    #1312    Includes No. 1-34.  !!!  This is the original Klingenberg edition.  IMC offers an alternate version, #3709 – Carter Enyeart re-edited Klingenberg’s edition with the addition of line numbers.  More notable is the reduced font/note size.   It is hard to find fingering differences between the two editions.

  • Dotzauer 113 Studies Book II (Klingenberg)

    #1313   Includes Nos. 35-62

  • Dotzauer 113 Studies Book IV (Klingenberg)

    #1287   Includes Nos. 86-112

  • Dotzauer 12 Duets Op. 63 (2 cellos)

    #2704    Both cellos should be comfortable in tenor clef

  • Dotzauer 62 Select Studies Vol. 1

    Edited by Klingenberg – Girard, Volume 1 includes Nos. 1-34.

  • Dotzauer Six Pieces for 3 Cellos, Op. 104

    Challenging pieces. Cello I and II treble clef. Cello III bass clef but with lots of rhythmic and bowing issues,  double stops.  Edited by Stutch.

  • Dotzauer Exercises for Violoncello Book 1

    Dotzauer’s 113 etudes are divided into 4 volumes.  Schirmer offers Volumes 1 and 2 only.  Volume 1 includes Nos. 1 – 34, edited by Klingenberg,  Notes, slurs, fingerings are identical to the IMC edition, but this thinner white paper may not provide the sharp contrast some cellists prefer.  Also there are annotations for Whole Bow, Upper Half, Lower Half, etc. in this edition.

  • Dotzauer Three Sonatas for 2 Cellos Op. 103

    Each part in its own booklet, both parts stay in bass clef but Cello 1 is more challenging.  Both have more complex rhythms, double stops – not beginner material.   # 899 edited by Schroeder.  FYI – This volume has been re-edited by Enyeart/Schroeder and the volume is being changed to #3721.