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  • Feuillard 60 Etudes

    Feuillard’s progressive etudes present highly-varied melodic studies in bass, tenor, and treble clefs. Each study emphasizes an essential left- or right-hand technique. Many include suggested rhythmic or bowing variants to expand the concepts of bowing style, bow proportion, and appropriateness to different compositional periods.

  • Feuillard Le Jeune Violoncelliste (The Young Cellist) – Volume 4B

    12 pieces for cello and piano, many of which are in or involve tenor clef.

    DESPLANES Preludium, FRANCOEUR Pastorale, MARAIS A Sweet Melody, FERRY REBEL Musette, PERGOLESE Minuet, SENAILLE Passepied, DUPORT Song, COUPERIN Rigaudon, BOISMORTIER The Suppliant, deFESCH Gavotte, Fr. BACH Largo, BLAINVILLE Hunting.

  • Feuillard Methode du Jeune Violoncelliste

    – The Young Violoncellist’s Method (Import).  Provides new cellists with a comprehensive manual of basics from first position through thumb position. Exercises are chosen to instill a sense of solid mechanics which will prepare you for many other progressive technical studies. Music is chosen for its timeless quality, so you will find works by Mozart, Bach, Haydn. Theory is left to your teacher. Spiral binding is no longer offered on this due to new formatting by the publisher.