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    Flaherty – Cellist’s Variations on Home on the Range (4 cellos)

    A Cellos2Go Favorite from Tom Flaherty, cellist and composer who is alive and well and living in California. From the familiar beginnings of “Home on the Range” unfolds an extremely clever rendition of some of cello literature’s most famous repertoire. Fun to listen to, more fun to play. Our recommendation: If you don’t have three other cellists, GET SOME! Cello I and II involve some advanced skills. Set of parts and score. Hear an audio sample and view and excerpt here.

  • Flaherty – Semi Suite

    The composer writes: “Lament” is a slow movement based on a short tune first presented high on the C string, in imitation of a wooden flute. The tune is fragmented and gradually reassembled, finally appearing well above the normal cello range, in harmonics.  “Trilling” is a response both to my interest in rhythmic and metric interaction and to the frustrating boredom of practicing standard trill studies as a cello student. The movement proceeds with a nearly constant measured trill on one string while a slower moving line on adjacent strings continuously redefines the metric meaning of the trill. A short cadenza in the center of the piece leads to a varied recapitulation of the main idea.

  • Flaherty Christmas Quodlibet for 4 Cellos

    Alert!  We ran out of copies, but you can order it here  either in .pdf format for instant gratification, or request print copy.

    Christmas Quodlibet is an opportunity for four cellists to play 15 Christmas carols and the Hallelujah Chorus in less than 4 minutes. All cellos take turns weaving a medley of carols together. Highly recommended! Cello I in treble clef, other parts in bass clef and more accessible. Includes score with parts. **Also available for string quartet  Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2ed6mKtUUc