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  • Bach, JS – Five Chorale Preludes (4 cellos)

    Arranged for cello quartet by Tom Flaherty. (1) Alle Menschen m?ssen sterben (2) Christ lag in Todesbanden (3) In dulci jubilo (4) Nun danket Alle Gott (5) Vor deinen Thron tret’ ich. Parts are of unequal difficulty. Cello I treble clef, Cello I tenor clef, Cello III bass clef to 4th position, Cello IV through 3rd position.

  • Flaherty Quodlibet and Chorale for 4 cellos

    Tom Flaherty – Includes parts and score. Parts are of unequal difficulty. Cello I in tenor clef (no thumb position); Cello II through 4th position; Cellos III and IV can be played in 1/2 and 1st position though more skills give you more options.

  • Strauss – Introduction to Also Sprach Zarathustra (4 cellos)

    Arranged by Tom Flaherty. Includes 4 performance scores.