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  • Kummer 12 Duets for 2 cellos, Op. 105

    #2274   Both parts require fluency through 4th position as far as note range. Lots of variety in rhythms, keys, bowing issues so some selections will be more challenging than others.   Less challenging than Op. 22.  Each part is in its own booklet.

  • Kummer 6 Duets for 2 Cellos, Op. 156 Book 1

    #3655  Includes Duets 1-3, one book, both parts in score form. Range of notes requires fluency through 4th position. Moving between dotted rhythms and triplets comes up, as do double stops without open strings, lots of slurred arpeggios. Edited by Jeffrey Solow.

  • Kummer 6 Duets for 2 Cellos, Op. 156 Book 2

    #3656   One book with both parts in score form. These are up a notch from Vol. 1.  Cello I and II have isolated passages in treble clef requiring thumb position in one variation, which can just be skipped while enjoying the rest of the work or played by people of differing skill sets!

  • Kummer Three Duets for 2 cellos Op. 22

    #768   Duets I and II each have three movements.  III includes a theme with variations.  There are occasional treble clef passages with thumb position, but not in all movements.  Each part has its own booklet, no need to share a stand.  Apparently the cello 1 part of Op. 22 No. 1 is also known as Kummer Concertino in C. 

  • Kummer Violoncello Method Op. 60

    Contains 40 pages of method (scales, arpeggios, double stops) and 80 pages of practice pieces ranging from beginning 1st position to thumb position studies on thirds and sixths.