Publisher: Barenreiter

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  • Mozart Grande Sestetto Concertante K. 364 for string sextet

    For string sextet after the Sinfonia Concertante K. 364. Parts are divided equally among the six players; it is not presented as soloists with accompaniment.  2 violins, 2 violas, 2 celli.  Edited by Christopher Hogwood.

  • Popper 15 Easy Studies, Op. 76

    (BA6979)   Complete Op.76 starting with 15 Easy Studies with cello II ad lib, both parts in score form followed by Ten Grand Etudes of Moderate Difficulty for cello solo.  These are preparatory to the High School Op. 73, though they were written after.

  • Popper High School of Cello Playing Op. 73

    (BA6978)  Includes the 40 etudes with fold-out pages to eliminate page turns.  There is also a text volume of playing tips and references to where the techniques are found in the standard cello literature.  Edited by Rummel.