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  • Bissinger – Scaling the Tenor Clef Dragon

    By Mirian Wu, Nancy Liebur and Wendy Bissinger.  A workbook organized by regions of the fingerboard so the student can learn tenor clef in comfortable lower positions before advancing to upper registers of the cello. Starting with 1st and 2nd position, ending with thumb position, the student moves in and out of tenor clef. This book works well with Mooney’s Position Pieces, has a similar layout with workbook pages to make sure you know the names of the notes, then musical pieces to play.

  • Bissinger Sequenced Scale Studies

    Students who don’t understand the relevance of scales in their practice may gain an appreciation through this book. Wendy Bissinger presents scales in a workbook style for beginners or early intermediate players without a strong grasp of scales, fingerboard geography, intervals, note identification. Major and relative minor scales range only to four flats and four sharps, from one to three octaves. Includes Circle of Fifths. It helps push you through a routine you may not be dedicated enough to pursue on your own.

  • Corelli Christmas Concerto from Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 8 (4 cellos)

    Arranged by Wendy Bissinger. Cellos I and II require fluency in tenor and treble clef. III and IV stay in bass clef but with some fast passage work. Ideal for the Christmas season, the three movement work includes the Grave/Allegro, Adagio/Vivace, and Allegro.

  • Michael Finnigin for 3 cellos

    A study in key changes, chromatic progressions, and left hand positions! Cello I tenor clef, Cello II and III bass clef, everyone gets 2 sharps, 3 flats, 4 sharps, 1 flat, 6 sharps . . . tee hee.  Arranged by Wendy Bissinger.